Really? Another "Sex and the City" Movie?

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Say what you want but none of the "Sex and the City" films, both 1 and 2, matched the wit and charms of the TV series.  And now, there may be a third "Sex and the City" movie in the works!

Michael Patrick King, the writer and creator of the HBO show revealed to Entertainment Weekly that there is probably "one more story left" to tell about the lives of Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker), Samantha (Kim Cattrall), Charlotte (Kristin Davis), and Miranda (Cynthia Nixon).  

King said, "What I do know is that there’s interest ... It’s all really about the stories, and if you actually think you have something left to say that would make it exciting and worthwhile for the fans’ time, that’s really the question. Not whether you can get away with it, not whether anybody will buy it, not whether you can make money on it. It’s really like, is there enough or more to say that would justify people risking seeing their favorite characters again? And I think there’s one chapter left."

Even Miss Bradshaw is agreeing!  In a recent interview with Katie Couric, Parker said, "A part of me thinks there is one last chapter to tell. But timing is a peculiar thing. It isn't a decision that can wait forever. I don't want to have to wear muumuus!"

So there you have it, both King and Parker are on board to tell the third chapter.  But the big question -- are you?

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