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It's only just been a few months when I started enjoying an outdoor activity called, "treasure hunting" particularly in the form of "metal detecting". Me and my friends who are engage on this activity are searching for lost valuable metallic objects such as coins, rings, pendants and any other objects with great value.

But in order for you to engage on this kind of activity, there is one important requirement that you must have. This is a tool or equipment known as a "Metal Detector". Taken from the name itself, this tool can locate hidden metallic object under the ground at some certain depth.

Why Choose Cheap Metal Detectors?

The market has now a large product of cheap metal detectors. However, not most of them are reliable especially those that are cheaply made in China. It is actually very tempting to buy these cheap products and if you do, you will most likely end up regretting buying one.

Unfortunately, most cheap metal detector products are of "very low" quality and unreliable. They are designed for kids as toys and not meant for adults who are serious about metal detecting activity. Most of these kinds of metal detectors are the once that costs around $50 and below.

The cheapest price range of a good and reliable metal detector should fall between $150 to $250. With this price range, there are several metal detector products that you can choose from.

Here are the 3 Best and Cheap Metal Detector that I recommend:

Bounty Hunter TK4

The metal detector that I recently purchased and currently using in my metal detecting activities is the Bounty Hunter TK4. As a complete beginner on this field of activity, I actually find this equipment so easy to operate. It has a very user-friendly features that does not require so much technical adjustments to start using it.

From the time of this post, Bounty Hunter TK is at a cheap price of only $90.00 at the Amazon Store.

Fisher F2 Metal Detector

One of my friend owns a Fisher F2 Metal Detector which really amazes me on how fast he covers more ground than my Bounty Hunter TK4. According to him, his equipment has a "very fast target response". This is the process where the metal detector sends out the signal underground and detects any metallic object.

I am actually planning to buy my own Fisher F2 Metal Detector once I earned some extra cash.

Anyway, the current price of Fisher F2 Metal Detector is at a cheap price of only $200.00 at the Amazon Store.

Tesoro Silver uMax Metal Detector

When me and my friends are metal detecting, some individuals actually often joins us. Most of them are old people, probably on their 60's. What's really interesting about them is that, they already have a lot of experience on this activity.

In relation to metal detector, I noticed that they choose to use the Tesoro Silver uMax Metal Detector. When I tried to find out the reason why, this model actually features the classic analog style of technology. Everything is manually operated.

Despite of the classic design of their equipment, I am so impressed that they are uncovering more valuable objects than us. I really don't know if this is due to their experience or the tool that they are using. So just like the Fisher F2, I'm also thinking of buying a Tesoro uMax.

The price of a Tesoro uMax Metal Detector at the time of this post is currently at $254.15 only which is available at the Amazon Store.

Overall, those are the three cheap metal detectors that I best recommend.

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