Red Pill or Blue Pill?

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These days it's hard to tell what is really going on with the War in Afghanistan. One day you hear the violence is decreasing, there are negotiation talks with the Taliban, and more and more of the country's 34 provinces are transitioning control from NATO over to Afghan military forces. Then the next day you find out there was an assassination of a peace negotiator. So are relations in the country improving at all or just continuing on the same rotten path? 

The methodology of working-out deals with terrorists (in this case the Taliban) has never been a completely dependable plan to maintain trust and peace. There are some former members of the terrorist group who have left behind the lifestyle, and there are other members who stay active, but pretend to be a regular citizen and cause havoc since they are accepted as being trustworthy. A prime example is the weekly killing of NATO soldiers in Afghanistan by "supposed" Afghan military personnel. 

Earlier this week, former Taliban government member Moulavi Arsala Rahmani, was killed by a silenced single shot in a precise attack that mirrored a secret agent movie scene. Currently, the Taliban is not claiming responsibility for the attack that killed Rahmani, though they are suspected. Just last year the head person (Burhannudin Rabbani) of the Peace Council, which was established by the Afghanistan Government system was also violently killed coincidentally. 

As the Afghanistan military and police assume more and more control over their country day-to-day, the violence goes up a notch leaving NATO forces, Afghans, and Government officials dead. The chaos in Afghanistan has a negative impact on everyone in the country right now whether they are Afghan citizens or NATO soldiers. Even though much of the country is corrupt, many of the people living there do not condone the violence and want to live normal lives which is difficult when you don't know what the next day will bring. 

It's hard to tell if anything can truly be done to minimize the violence in Afghanistan because it existed before the U.S. and NATO entered, and it continues on while they are there. Fighting violence with violence doesn't change people or the way they think. Although, terrorist can't be allowed to do whatever, whenever they want. Those people (Taliban & other terrorists) have to decide for themselves what they want out of life, violence or prosperity and peace.

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