Regrettably Bill Gates!

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If there is plenty of everything that is inherited, it is not correct. Huge amount of money can be the owner of the assets of the former chief executive of Microsoft, Bill Gates, is still a matter of his grief. What regrets? Learned multiple languages. Senate technical website said in a report.

Bill Gates said in a recent interview, "If anyone asks me about any of my regrets that I could not or did not have patience for me, no matter what the trouble is, I regret to say that I could not learn a foreign language is more than fire . "Regrettably, the Microsoft co-founder Gates himself said, 'When I think, I do not know a foreign language other than English, is a fool of himself too."

Gates said that his memories of the past, when I went to high school, he was in Latin and Greek, and it got the grade. The vocabulary has increased somewhat, but I wish it was French, Arabic or Chinese language learning. Languages at the time when he thought no one will try to learn. French the easy, I tried to learn it before. The practice went on for quite some time the two languages, but could not hold it anymore. '

Jakarabargera Facebook founder Bill Gates praised the skills to speak more than one language. He takes great to see Mark jakarabargake. Mandarin Chinese language learners with the excellent Q he continues. "

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