Relations are now fading….

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The affiliation and bond between people of society is named as relations. These relationships may be of different nature. Since the nature of relations is different so there is also the possibility of conflict in maturity of relationships, strength, and   in the quality of the other factors. The importance of relations cannot be denied in human life no one can live without these relations. Relations are great asset of life and nothing could be imagined more important than relations.  There are many kinds of relationships they can be natural, legal and spiritual.

Every relationship is adorned with the intensity of feelings. Relationship may be of any kind but it revolves around the intensity of feelings. This intensity is interpreted as sincerity, love, hate and other emotions of different aspects. This sense owes to nature, personal desires and interests of man. The intensity of feeling is the basis of the existence of any relationship so fluctuations in it happen due to time and the change of circumstances. The selfless dedication, love and attachment emotions tend to reinforce these relationships.

Despite the need and importance of relationships in human life fast and busy life has affected the status of relationships and they have taken secondary status. Due to increase in activities now relatives are considered as a “burden” and we have short time to interact with them. On one hand High speed machining life has murdered the delicate human emotions and on other hand it has mixed the dedication relationships with lust and selfish desires. If we meet someone then we meet only for the sake of our expectation and interests otherwise we leave them forever. Materialist man just thinks about his interests and gives them priority to the interests of others. Self-thinking and self-interest has destroyed the beauty of relations.

Mutual relationships are faded now because it is mechanically era and we have become a machine. Fast and speedy time has imprisoned us in ourselves and we like to have extreme loneliness. This loneliness loving nature does not allow us to share our feelings and emotions with anyone and there is lack of love and invaluable emotions in the society. We left to share our joys and happiness in fact we do not bother to share sorrow of others. This insensitivity has given birth to terrorism and other social evils. Greed and lust has taken away our inner vision. To make life easier and pleasant we have to return to the proximity and love of relations. This could be done for the peace and harmony of the world. 


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