Relativism Vs Universalism

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Relativism Vs Universelism




A philosophical concept that determines the definition of right and wrong is known as Ethics. Ethics is a word that originates from the word ETHOSE which means Character.

Concepts of Ethics:-

There are two concepts of Ethics that were introduced in 1880.

  1. Relativism
  2. Universalism

Relativism Theory:-

It is a theory that claims “There is no universal valid moral principle”. Relativism Theory says that the moral rightness and wrongness of action varies from culture to culture or from society to society. And there is no absolute binding principle. Every culture establishes its own rules and regulations. And it is different from another culture.


  • Eating Beef is allowed in Pakistan but not in India.
  • Drinking Vine or alcohol is allowed in India and other Non Muslims countries but not in Pakistan or other Muslim countries.
  • Uncovered head is allowed in Europe but not is Saudi Arabia.
  • Women at workplace are banned in Afghanistan but not all over the world.
  • Having Sex without marriage is allowed in America or Europe but not in Pakistan.

Universalism Theory

Universalism theory is based on the ideas that there is single valid principle for all over the world.

If something is right for me, it is right for you. If something is wrong for me, it is wrong for you too.

It is predefined in universalism theory that what is right and what is wrong.


Killing, Telling Lies, Murder, Robbery, Theft, Hurting Others, to snatch anyone’s right is considered bad in all the countries and in every culture of the world.

But still it is not decided yet that whether Relativism is right or Universalism.








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