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The areas in which Pakistan is situated has long chronological routes. The people have been coming to this area long before Jesus Christ. Aryans, Alexander, Mahmud of Ghazni, Lodhi, Mughals and British all passed and stayed here for significant period of time to leave their mark on this region.

            RELIGIONS IN PAKISTAN. The people living in this region practice different religions which are given below :

            (1) Islam.     (2) Christianity.     (3) Hinduism.     (4) Zoroastrianism

            (5) Sikhism.   (6) Buddhism.

            ISLAM. The major religion in Pakistan is Islam. The people who follow Islam are called Muslims. The majority of people in Pakistan are Muslims. They believe in one God, they follow the teachings of Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H), the last messenger of God. The holy book of the Muslims is the Holy Quran. All the Muslims follow the words and teachings of the Holy Quran. The Muslims offer their prayers in mosques.

CHRISTIANITY. The followers of this religion call themselves Christians. Christians follow the teachings of Jesus Christ (A.S.). The holy book of Christians is called the Bible, they believe in four different bibles. They offer their prayers in Church. They follow the teachings of the Bible and Jesus Christ and believe that he is the Son of God.

HINDUISM. The people who believe in Hinduism are called Hindus. They worship in temples. The Hindus believe in four holy books. The Hindus believe in one supreme God but they believe in the concept of incarnation meaning that god comes to earth in different forms again and again; therefore, they worship many gods and goddesses.

ZOROASTRIANISM. Zoroastrianism is named after its founder called Zoroaster. He lived in Persia (present day Iran) in about 6th century BC. The followers of this religion are called Parsees. The holy book of Parsees is known as Avesta. They offer their prayers in temples, which are also called fire temples.

SIKHISM. An Indian sant Guru Nanak preached a religion. The followers of this religion are called Sikhs. This is about 450 years old religion. The Sikhs believe in the teachings of Guru Nanak and other Gurus who came after him. The teachings of Gurus are compiled as a book known as the Guru Granth Sahib. Sikhs worship in Gurdwaras.

BUDDHISM. Buddhism is about 2,500 years old religion. The founder of Buddhism was a Prince who left his palace to find some peace and answers to some questions. He roamed in jungle, till he believed in Karma and Nirvana. His name was Gautama Buddha and later came to be known as Buddha or the enlightened one.

LANGUAGES. National language of Pakistan is Urdu. Pakistan is divided into four Provinces, Baluchistan, Punjab, Sind and Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa, But the number of languages spoken is much more than that. Despite the URDU, the population in Pakistan speak other Languages which are as follows:-

            Saraiki or Multani.     Majhi or Gujrati.     Jhangvi.     Shahpuri.

            Pothowari.     Hindko.     Kashmiri.     Burusharki.     Shina.

            Khowar.     Kalash.     Wakhior Xikwar.     Brahni.










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