Rememberance of respect and honor will equal a growing economy in Afghanistan

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"It only takes one individual to open up a door that millions can walk through."  This is a direct quote written by Paul Virtue on the positive outcome of what athletes can and do bring to the Afghan people.  I enjoyed reading his blog because not only does this quote relate to the athletes of Afghanistan, but it can also directly relate to everything that can be brought to Afghanistan to help its people start to develope it.

Being that there is not much when it comes to the economy of Afghanistan it is going to take alot more than money to invest into Afghanistan.  Filmannexs' relationship with Roya Mahboob is a great way to open doors for future investors if the respect is always kept.  In my experience with the older generation pastuuns, business is not discussed untill a trust among friends is established.  American investors may not have the patience to put into a project like that especially when the old fashion contract between men still exsists, a firm handshake and look in the eye.

Relationships like this, is going to be how these ventures succeed.  I am as confident in this theory as I am that education in Afghanistan is going to be the last main weapon used to fully destroy the Taliban.  Athletics, education for these children and also adults points to something many of them have not seen for close to thirty years. They will finally be able to see the start of a future over a horizon of war that is close to tearing the heart out of what used to be a beautiful country. During my deployment to Marjah Afghanistan I read a book called The Kite Runner, written by an Afghan author Khaled Houseini.  Much of the Afghan pride is explained in this book, its why I enjoyed it the most.  One of the biggest reasons I had to make it back to the US, was to make sure I read other books written by Houseini.

In conclusion to everything I have mentioned, throwing money around and thinking Afghanistan is uncivil is not the best outlook when it comes to investing into it.  The respect, and the best future for Afghanistan should be in both sets of eyes on the Afghan side as well as the American side. Of course everyone wants money to come out of it. It will and if done right so will the respect of doing the right thing. No Politics just internet!  I love it, there are no politics in these third world sections of Afghanistan, it is a chance for a clean start for them and for us. Maybe things can be done right this time.  Doers not thinkers!


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