Removing Mladic as Obstacle to Serbia’s EU Aspirations, But What About Bosnia?, by Ambassador mo

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However, Mladic’s work remains biggest hurdle to Bosnia’s own EU road and return to normalcy. Ironic if Belgrade can with one arrest open its way to the EU while what Mladic did and still remains the political and territorial delineation of Bosnia & Herzegovina is the impenetrable barrier to its EU road.

Serbia and Bosnia & Herzegovina (BiH) should be integrated into Euro-Atlantic institutions. However, the efforts of Belgrade, the EU and the United States cannot be completed in this process until Bosnia & Herzegovina is freed of Mladic’s (Slobodan Milosevic’s and Radovan Karadzic’s) legacy that promotes ethnic/religious division. It was Belgrade along with support from Washington and European capitals that imposed a “peace” in Dayton that accommodated, effectively was complicit, with the war/ethnic cleansing objectives of Mladic, Milosevic and Karadzic. The “facts on the ground” established by Mladic is now the defining and thus greatest obstacle for BiH’s functionality, normalcy and integration into Euro-Atlantic institutions.

Along with Mladic, it is appropriate that his legacy in BiH be objective judged and pass into history – and that both BiH as well as Serbia be free of Mladic’s legacy.

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