REPOST: bitLanders, Botters and Spammers

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In the past few weeks, bitLanders has been cracking down really hard on Spammers, Botters, Autopiloting and such activities. We've banned and suspended over 3000 users.

Using third party programs and websites such as these does not only ruin other people's experience but is a very risky activity as we are constantly monitoring everything. Using this sort of tools is much like stealing from bitLanders and its Community, so many users who have only been suspended may also find their revenues have been stripped back down to zero. If you know anyone who is engaging in fraudolent activities on bitLanders, report them! You'll be doing yourself and the community a favor because everybody's revenues increase when cheaters are caught.

For the best experience on bitLanders and to ensure you can withdraw your revenues as you earn them instead of losing them, we encourage everybody to be honest and enjoy this website as much as we do :)

Don't risk it, it's not worth it!


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