Researching about the Secrets in Quran & Hadith:

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 Words always fascinated me especially the words in religious texts. Though some secular words also fascinate me like the word happiness and tranquility. I contemplate on religious words and see the signs of the Lord and words in Quran and hadith are just the tips of icebergs. Oceans of secrets are concealed behind the religious words. Lets see how I contemplate on words.
1-Select some word about which you want to launch your research.
2-Select for example the word Humd which is from the words Alhamdulillah from The Holy Quran.
3-Use many good online and off-line Arabic to Arabic dictionaries to see the insights behind the word Humd.
4-Use many Arabic to English dictionaries to see the translation of the word Humd.
5-All sorts of dictionaries and thesauruses are important for our research into the word Humd.
6-Translations of Quran into other languages are also a good source of insights behind the words of Quran and Hadith.
7- A thesaurus is a book or digital database that lists words in groups of synonyms and related concepts.
8-Two words that can be interchanged in a context are said to be synonymous relative to that context. A synonym is also called an equivalent word.
9-So thesauruses are collections of synonyms.
10-You can download dictionaries and thesauruses or you can also use online dictionaries and thesauruses.
11-You search google to find out good dictionaries and thesauruses on the internet.
12-So in our research all sorts of Dictionaries---Thesauruses and Translations of Quran and Hadith are important.
13-Download a free English dictionary and thesaurus. Just google for wordweb and download it free from the internet.
14-Our word was Humd. One English translation of this word is Praise.
15-Type the word Praise in the wordweb and start the research.
16-First of all read the definitions of praise and then think deep about them.
17-Keep one important thing in mind while researching. I mean you must be researching by keeping in mind the context of your research. So many things will become irrelevant because they would be out of context. So you have to do your research according to your context. Our context is that we are talking about praising Allah so all the words and insights that are not relevant to this context should be filtered out.
18-Your research would be more exciting and insightful if you are good at English and Arabic languages and if you know more languages that will make your research more exciting and fruitful.
19-If you are an Islamic Scholar then more doors of excitements will open for you. If some scholar is a Hafiz also then his research will take him further into secrets. A Hafiz is a person who has memorized the whole Quran.
20-So we searched the word Praise in wordweb and some meanings appear and we just have to pick the meanings that are relevant to our context.
21- The definition relevant to our context in wordweb is: to praise is offering words of homage as an act of worship. You can notice that this definition is founded on our context. So we have to ignore everything outside our context.
22-Now we have to think deep over the statement I typed in the previous point. The words homage & worship are important in this definition. It is obvious that to praise God is an act of worship. Lets see the definition of the word Homage in the wordwerb.
23-When we search the word homage in wordweb it gives us the definition as: respectful deference.
24-Lets further see that what the definitions of the words respectful & deference are.
25-Respect means an attitude of honor and esteem.
26-Deference is defined as a disposition or tendency to yield to the will of others. But here we have to be restricted according to our focus. So here we see that when we yield to the will of Allah we say Alhumdulillah.
27-You may also launch a research about the words honor, esteem and worship.
28-You many see here that there can be limitless insights behind words and the research may be boundless.
29-One Rule of word research is to keep on refining the definition of a word by reducing all the words to their simple meanings.
30-For example we saw that to praise meant: to praise is offering words of homage as an act of worship. Now in this definition the words homage and worship can be further simplified by further research about the words Homage and worship. We should keep on looking up the definitions of words till we reach information that contains simple, clear and basic words.
31-So lets summarize what I said. In this post i have just tried to explain a research Rule which I call Basic-Words Rule. By applying this rule we boil down all the definitions to basic words.
32- in this post I just talked here about one research rule which is the Basic-Words-Rule.
33- We shall talk about more Reaearch Rules in next posts.
34- My intention to share my research rules is that people use them to see the signs of our Lord personally and may be this could be one reason of my entry into paradise. These research rules are so vast that I cannot keep them to myself because I shall only be able to use a very small part of them in my whole life so I thought why not share with others to multiply my rewards from our Lord--Allah. Sometime I shall tell you the signs of our Lord I personally saw.
35-May Our Lord Allah enter us to paradise by forgiving our sins & mistakes. Ameen.

36-Thank You so much for coming so far and Have a Good Day!


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