Responsibilities of Students

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During this segment of society , there are some students who study a full , regular and constant practice can not afford . But after a few years it is practically everything . It is the period of education and training for the future . In the meantime it is important for their interest and participation in national issues . Because society always requires young blood and their lives regarding Caravan moves forward. The active segment of society are students . Their religion , country and are protectors of the people and the history of the main character , whose innovative efforts and achievements are in appearance . Pupils have different responsibilities . Their primary responsibility is that they move forward under the guidance of our elders and teachers . Ups and downs of life as they are well aware . Their knowledge and experiences are among those things . Students for life in the light of their knowledge and experiences should travel .



Vocation is a responsibility to be aware of their national history .Add a new chapter in the history of our ancestors , they will not repeat the mistakes and shortcomings . Parted from their reality and none can live decent and could not name .the time for action , not politics practical life ( which includes practical politics ) is to prepare .



Events of a country , not only the country but frequently affect the world . Transformation of the world , not only the awareness of changes in examination point of view but also from overseas will also be useful .



Students learned a great responsibility that they stand out more in fact a historical fact that only those nations that insist on developing and grace and serve krhayy do . Sloth and his country 's fall could lead to destruction . In order to pass the test study is necessary , but students should not only become book worms go in , but his mental development as well as take care of their physical health . Also, it implies that as long as his moral conditions will not be valid until the time is right to develop their mental and physical health, home will be . Students simultaneously their moral , mental and physical fitness should be obligatory .



in psychological terms , because if you do not consider yourself mental trend that will also cause learning to take the hard work is not useful . Therefore it is essential that your mental mylanat be determined in accordance with a goal to achieve and then go all the physical and mental capabilities of dedicated.

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