Responsible use of technologies

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How many electronic devices are there?

We have created a huge amount of diverse electronic equipment necessary for our daily life. New devices emerge every day, sometimes replacing others. Sometimes they do not replace any but add to the great variety that already exists.



In today's world, it is impossible to live without technology. However, both we and our children, family, and friends use these devices day by day without thinking about their responsible and safe use. When we are just children, we all want to be the last cry of technological fashion, in this way we expose ourselves to be victims of our own actions in the use of these electronic gadgets.

Social networks

Additional to the electronic devices, another essential part that deserves to be mentioned referring to the technological world are the social networks. The majority of people who enter the internet on a daily basis do not do it with the objective of investigating information, business or personal improvement, but what they are looking for is to fit positively into a virtual social network.



They all publish photos, comment on other publications that their circle of friends has made, also publish their current location, the place where they are or where they are going, what they eat, what they like, thus being illustrated, as a Carbon copy, in their electronic profiles.

Tips on the correct use of social networks

Here are some tips on the correct use of social networks that will help keep you and your family and friends safe:





1-      Never make negative comments about sports tragedies. For example, a tragedy can occur in which several members of a sports team lose their lives. It turns out that you are from the opposing team and the final of an important tournament is being played. You may be tempted to post comments expressing joy about this tragedy, but have you considered that it could be offensive to others?

2-      Do not publish as a reporter where you are at any moment. It may be tempting to find yourself on a beautiful beach away from home, posting how well you are going. While near your home, an offender who already has your identified networks decides to pay you a visit in your absence.

3-      Do not accept all requests for friendship that arrive at you. While it is very comforting to have many requests from people who want to establish a friendship with you, no less true is also that not everyone could have good intentions. Some might be looking for ways to identify your moves, steal personal information or create a fake network for personal gain. In this sense, before accepting a friend request, you must identify who is involved, how long you have had this profile, how many friends you have, how many publications you have made, etc.

4-      Do not publish all your personal information like phone numbers, social security, full name, and address, because these data can be used to create an identity parallel to yours, stealing your identity causing you economic losses.

5-      Do not accept requests from friends that you already have added to your friend's list without first communicating through other channels with this person, because it is possible that the identity of this contact has been stolen.

6-      Do not make offensive publications of a sexual nature. The online social networking platforms are designed so that anyone can report your activity; this can lead to the undoing of your profile. In addition, your contacts can consider you as an insensitive person.

7-      Never humiliate, denigrate, or disrespect in any way to other users simply by their way of thinking, acting, being, dressing. Cyberbullying is punishable by the laws of some countries.

8-      Never publish pictures of people without their prior consent. In some countries, they may sue you and in any circumstance, these people might feel annoyed that their picture was published without their consent.



Phones, Computers, and Tablet

These devices are designed to make your life more comfortable when you use it; for which they are ergonomic, facilitating their use in a faster and more efficient way.


The disadvantages are that you can make mistakes easily.

For example, let us say you are upset with your boss for some decision you have made that affects you negatively. In your anger, you decide to send a message to your wife to tell her how you feel and; In addition to that, tell you posts about your boss, about the bad person he is, etc. In your agenda, you have your wife's number with the name of "my love" and your boss you have it as "my boss" so they are very close to the list. You give it to send it irremediably you realize that the message was sent directly to your boss, by mistake. Surely a situation like this is not the most pleasant, can give even with the end of your employment relationship, so it is advisable not to make use of the technology while you are angry, especially if you are talking about your angry situation.



Another example is the situation in which your partner is in another country. Both have a conversation over the networks. It is not advisable in situations like this, to make erotic conversations since it is very easy to make a screenshot, to intercept the communication in some cases with remote monitoring.

Cases like these examples can be presented in a thousand different ways. You will always give situations that will affect you or other people.


Final Tips

Talk to your family about the correct way to use social networks. Be part of the solution. Consider that your actions have consequences on your own person and on others. Change your passwords regularly using secure options such as capitalization, numbers and special characters in them.

“Good luck and thanks for reading my blog”.



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