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 Restaurant Review: XII- Panoramic Bar-Restaurant, Klaipeda - Photo credit:ambertonhotels, edition by Amber255 via

As I have written a few reviews of the best restaurants in Klaipeda, I should mention one of the oldest restaurants there. If you want to enjoy the city's panorama from the above, you will not have to go far, because the lift will lift you. Amberton Hotel's restaurant XII on the 12th floor offers a 360-degree view of the city.

If you do not have time, desire or money to visit a restaurant, there is no problem - the Viva la Vita bar on the 20th floor of the same Amberton Hotel has a glass lift. There is no need to go to the bar - you can admire the panorama of the city just by getting up in glass lift!

The hotel Amberton has three restaurants: Viva La Vitarestaurant XII, and the Klaipeda restaurant

A place on the 12th floor which offers beautiful panoramic views wherever you sit. Really busy during lunch time, but after that gets calm and quite. We had fish - and I cannot say a single bad thing about the dish.

Credit: Review from tripadvisor

There are a growing number of unique Lithuanian restaurants that try not only to offer a tasty meal, but also to please the eyes to something interesting. If some guests come from abroad or from other regions of Lithuania, our citizens like to surprise them. And sometimes we like to have an adventure or a dinner that would memorize for a long time. Lithuania has many special places, unique cafes or restaurants where you can have not a casual lunch or dinner. One of such places in Klaipeda is restaurant XII

Opened for many years now, the restaurant XII has formed a circle of its customers, among which you will often see the faces of politics and city authorities, foreign guest delegations and, of course, hotel guests who want to try a good grilled steak. 

Hotel Amberton and its panoramic bar-restaurant, Klaipeda - Video credit: youtube

 Restaurant XII Concept 

The restaurant first opened its doors to visitors in 2003.

The restaurant's name comes from the 12th floor of the hotel, which houses the restaurant. In this restaurant, you will find a magic table, which you will always get a 12% discount on your general account. Look for it! Don't forget to go to the city-famous glass toilet hanging in the air. For those who fear height, there are other destinations of this purpose in the hotel.

Restaurant XII is the only restaurant in the city where Klaipeda is seen from a bird's-eye view. 

The XII restaurant is located on the twelfth floor of the main building of Amberton Hotel Klaipėda and offers the 360 degrees panoramic spectacular view over Klaipėda, the port, the Curonian Lagoon, The Curonian Spit and the Baltic Sea which is simply breath-taking. Combine that with grilled dishes being masterly prepared in front of you on hot charcoal and be ready for a unique experience.


The open restaurant's kitchen not only allows you to enjoy the cooking process but also offers grilled dishes that are tasted like dishes fried on the campfire.

Bar-restaurant XII awaits visitors every day from 12:00. up to 3 hours morning.

The restaurant XII, divided into two parts, has tables for business lunches, and for a romantic date with a glass of wine, and a celebration with a friends' company. Live music, cozy environment, and magnificent views of Klaipeda make the visit memorable for a long time.


Best restaurants in Klaipeda: XII - Photo credit: vmus

Restaurant XII Interior

The space in the restaurant XII is optimal in size. It seems that everything turns around an open kitchen in the center of the restaurant and, at the same time, like a carousel - around the beautiful Old Town of Klaipeda. I can assure that the tables that are closer to the window will undoubtedly fascinate everyone who is not afraid of the top view of the city. Of course, you will find a place here too if want to sit away from the panoramic view.

The restaurant will surprise you with its excellent interior not only because of the large stained glass windows but also for the harmonious colors and classic furniture. Comfortably seated on soft leather armchairs, you can relax from the deals or worries and admire the panorama of Klaipeda Old Town or Sea Gate. Enhance your impression and enjoy the spectacular binoculars for seeing beautiful panorama.

If the impression is still little, you can visit the famous panoramic toilet of the bar-restaurant XII that I already mentioned, where you will be greeted with the words: think well before turning on the light.

 The interior of the restaurant XII is created in a minimalist style. It would seem nothing fancy, but it's still nice. When you just come to have a nice meal, it's a pleasure to feel free in the non-binding restaurant's environment.


Klaipeda restaurants: XII - Photo credit:dgfotografija

Of course, the main accent of this restaurant is the whole Klaipeda opening to you through the panoramic windows. For these views through windows, especially in a dark time, you perhaps would even forgive a tasteless steak. Luckily, the chef spinning around in the open kitchen, will not look through the windows, so it's quite interesting to see how she creates masterpieces on plates.

The walls are decorated with copper plates with inscriptions and decorative elements that accentuate the number 12. Customers are also surprised by the lucky table - just sitting at it gives 12% discount for an account.

Let's look at the restaurant, where you can not only eat but also to please your eyes while having a delicious dish on your plate.

The restaurant has a special atmosphere created not only by authentic restaurant interior, where dominate copper, wood, and leather details, but also saxophone melodies, welcoming the guests every Thursday and Friday. 


Panoramic restaurant in Klaipeda: XII - Photo credit: vmus

Restaurant XII Food 

Cuisine: European. Every day, the restaurant offers a special dish.  

The restaurant's employees had various culinary training in Lithuania and were abroad several times, and I heard news in the media that in the near future, chefs are planning to expand their professional knowledge in Turkey and Italy.

The dishes on the menu are close to European cuisine. Here you will find tuna tartar, a variety of snacks, soups, salads, grilled burgers and meat dishes, grilled fish, and a modest list of desserts.


Where to eat in Klaipeda: restaurant XII - Photo credit: Amber255 via 

It offers many delicious salads of pickled and fresh vegetables and seafood, delicious soups, snacks with shrimps and broccoli. The main hot dishes are grilled beef or pork's loin with ribs, Cordon Bleu of turkey, and salmon roast, and many pies for dessert.

I would recommend tasting the roast beef fillet salad with marinated ginger, soy sprouts, and coriander seeds, seasoned with soy-sesame dressing. Tasty! Or green salad with avocado and roasted cedar nuts. Very tasty!  every day they change salads and offer something special. Something that you could not resist. Could you resist green salad with smoked salmon and lemon herb sauce?

For the main dish, they offer not only grilled meat steaks but also other dishes: Chicken roll with mozzarella cheese and sun-dried tomatoes, beef Stroganoff, served with potato-leek puree and marinated cucumbers, Roast pork with caramelized carrots and potatoes Rosti, and other dishes. You deserved a delicious dinner!


Lithuanian restaurants: XII, Klaipeda - Photo credit: ambertonhotels

Restaurant XII Drinks And Desserts 

The desserts' list in the Panoramic Restaurant is not great. Here you will find vanilla ice cream in caramel almond basket with chocolate or fruit, hot apple pie with ice cream, and branded cheese with mango filling and crispy caramel crumb.

In my opinion, the list could offer a bigger choice.

What I like here is the abundance of wine. Even the biggest gourmets will find their favorite one as the restaurant has a rich choice of wines.

 Of course, there is a quite big choice of cocktails, some stronger drinks, and some choices of beer. 

If you do not want to drink alcohol, the various coffee, tea, juices, and other beverages will please you. 


Restaurant in Amberton hotel: XII - Photo credit: Amber255 via

My Insights

Last time I was in the restaurant XII almost a year ago. It looks like it's time to visit it again, but actually,y I am more often guests in Viva La Viva Bar located on XX floor of Amberton hotel about which I mentioned above. 

Anyway, this time I want to tell you what I remember from my last visit there. We celebrated the anniversary of our Real Estate company with some of our colleagues. It was a very rainy day. Going there, we talked if a delicious dinner can brighten a rainy day? 

The idea to have dinner in the restaurant XII proved to be good. Though the rain started a few days ago pushed us to despair, rising to the 12th floor of hotel Amberton Klaipeda, rainfall knocking to the panoramic windows seemed even cozy. 


Restaurant Review: XII- Panoramic Bar-Restaurant, Klaipeda - Photo credit: Amber255 via

When the elevator door opened, we immediately felt the smell of baked food flowing from the open kitchen. It is also a pleasantly awakening appetite, and at the same time, a bit disturbed by its intensity, so I would attribute this feature of the restaurant to the minuses, not to the pluses.

From the main dishes, we choose poultry - duck and chicken breast steaks. The chicken is served here with caramelized cashew sauce and fresh vegetable salad. The duck - with cranberries-red-wine sauce and fruits, but we had to choose the other desired garnish for meat. We asked for grilled vegetables and Agata potatoes.

Someone also ordered grilled pork with vegetables. The price of the meal, considering that we dined in the restaurant, turned out to be quite attractive. As long as the meat was baked, a delightful waitress has brought hot buns and bread and several balls of butter. Bread - still warm, fluffy, and very tasty. It was seasoned not only with herbs but also with mustard, slightly salty. Such a combination has pleasantly surprised us - it was a delight to enjoy it. The buns dissolved in the mouth and shortened the waiting time for the main dish.


Best restaurants in Klaipeda: XII - Photo credit: Amber255 via

Later on, our main dishes come to our table. In fact, we had no reproach for meat preparation - both duck and chicken were soft, juicy, tasty. The duck was served with grapefruit, orange, apple slices. The only element of this "trio" - the apple played the right note. Citrus fruit inhibited, and not developing the taste of juicy duck. This situation was somewhat improved by the red berry and wine sauce. Meanwhile, the chicken breast was very soft and flawlessly combined with the caramelized cashew sauce. In general, we were satisfied with the taste of this dish.

First of all, I should praise the ability of the kitchen master to serve food. The image on the plate was delightful. The plate is not overloaded - a few pieces of grilled zucchini, aubergine and mushrooms, roasted potatoes and pork steak, served with a delicious tomato sauce. The plate was decorated with a slice of balsamic sauce, juniper berries, and parsley. The taste did not come down to the image. But those who ate grilled pork said that the meat could have been a little juicier. 

The hot apple pie that I ate was delicious - the crispy dough was buttery, melting in the mouth and perfectly matched with the hot, thick caramel and soft baked apples inside. After dinner, we ordered coffee. I liked the taste of coffee beans, but it was worth working on milk preparation - milk foam was not prepared properly. 

Best Restaurants in Klaipeda, Lithuania  - Video credit: youtube

On A Final Note 

Do you ever wonder what is like to have a dinner in the sky? Looks like these are two seemingly hard-to-do things when, at the same time, tasting high-quality dishes, you can admire the panoramic view of a busy city. Yes, the restaurant XII is a favorite place for many of our citizens. Looking from the above to the rooftops, you can see the edge of the blue Baltic Sea.

The restaurant XII on the twelfth floor of the Amberton Klaipeda hotel is located in the very heart of the city, and it's the first panoramic restaurant here, symbolically named XII. It offers a choice various grilled and not only grilled dishes made by professional and experienced chefs in the open kitchen, and at the same time, a panoramic view of the port city.

Romantic restaurant XII is not new to Klaipeda residents or city guests. Rather, it is one of the oldest restaurants in the port city. And, of course, the oldest offering to admire the panorama of the Klaipeda while having your dinner.


Enjoy Klaipeda view through the telescope in XII restaurant - Photo credit: ambertonhotels

My own impressions: 

Service: The waitress that served us was pleasant, but we missed warmer, cooler communication, and professional advice.

Interior: Undoubtedly the biggest plus of this restaurant is the panorama of the city from above. In order to create an even greater coziness in the restaurant, I would give up some of the annoying orange lightings.

Menu: The meat I ordered was well prepared and delicious. But there could be more improvisation, delicious experiments preparing desserts.

Restaurant XII  popularity is due to the cozy and warm environment, the astonishing 360-degree panorama of the city and the delicious food made on hot coals. 

It seems, what could be better - the wonderful view through the windows and on the plate and the balanced taste in the mouth? 

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