Review of book 177 Mental Toughness Secrets of the World Class: The Thought Processes, Habits and Philosophies of the Great Ones.

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I hope you are in good health. The last couple of my blogs were of a book review on how to win friends and influence people. In this blog, I'm going to discuss the review of the book 177 Mental Toughness Secrets of the World Class: The Thought Processes, Habits, and Philosophies of the Great Ones. Well, I cannot discuss every one of them briefly in one blog, but I'm going to divide them in a couple of blogs and discuss with you briefly. Steve Siebold, who is the author of this book, is one of the greatest mental toughness coaches in the world. For years the author has met world-class business-mans, athletes, and people from different careers and he has discovered these mental toughness secrets which have also helped me a lot in my career.

Secret number10-19

Secret 10: World-class compartmentalizes emotion


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That is one of the greatest things that can separate a champion from amature. Amature gets confused between emotions and logic while solving a problem. While champions know that emotions can cloud their judgment if they let the emotion control them. Champions sterically focus on the logic and solve the problem and then move on the next challenge, while amature tell confused and end up creating more problem.

Secret 11: The world-class connects to the source through gratitude


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  Champions know that the only way to get the best out of our minds is when our mind is settled. When our mind is stressed and overwhelmed it never gives you a good answer for you to solve the problem. Champions know the source through which they can easily calm their minds. It is the gratitude. That is the power of gratitude, it removes all the stress and worries, due to which champions can find a way to solve the problem even better then amature.

Secret 12: Champions know that adversity is the catalyst of mental toughness


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Champions see adversity as a tool through which they can become mentally tough. While average people, take the path of least resistance, a path which they can overcome easily. Champion know that until or unless they get a adversity, nothing is going to make them step out of their comfort zone, and if they don't get out of comfort zone they don't grow. Champions don't welcome adversity but see them as a mental training ground.

Secret 13: The great ones do it all with class                    


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Champions are the most classical people alive. Unlike the middle-class of upper-class, they both have one thing in common, they are happy when they win and egoistic when they lose. While the champions or the world-class is not like them. When they win, they give credit to their team and when they lose they assume 100% responsibility. Upper-class would do anything to win, even if that means to be ruthless, but world-class is not like them, they always do the right thing.

Secret 14: Champions do "Do or Die" commitments


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If there is one difference between champions and average people, it is the level of commitment. Average people might take up to hundred failure, while for champion thousand failure would not be recognized as a failure. When everyone gets tired champions are the only one who pushes until they break down completely, even break down doesn't stop them as soon as they recover they are again pushing for their goal.

Secret 15: The world-class is consistently great                


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Champions are the people who don't make plans for a week, month or year, they are the ones who make plans for five years or even a decade. They plan their future in a way no one else does, that is the reason why they are so inspired by the goal they are chasing. That is the only reason why they are consistently great, while average people are not so great.

Secret 16: Champions understand logic VS emotions


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Champions know that emotions are the greatest motivators. They can motivate a person in the toughest times, where no one can motivate you to move forward. Average people live in an illusion that emotion is not good in business, while the mixture of logic and emotion is the best thing a person can put in to get the things done.

Secret 17: Champions are willing to suspend their beliefs


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Champions know, every single belief they have no matter how much motivating they are might work in one place, but would not work at another place. So, they develop new beliefs and conviction at will, that motivates them in each challenge of life. While, average people are conservative people who do not change their beliefs, that why tend to live an average life.

Secret 18: The world-class is ferociously cooperative


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Champions are not ego driven like upper-class who believe they can conquer the world alone. Champions know the only way to conquer great things, is as a team. They don't care who takes the credit for things. They cooperate with the lowest level of their employees because they know in a knowledgeable world there are people who know more then they do.

Secret 19: Champions are curious

Champion has a habit of never-ending curiosity. This curiosity is the only reason why they are so successful, then average people. They don't live in an illusion that they have completely figured out how the world work, but instead they keep on striving to know more than they do.


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