Review of book 177 Mental Toughness Secrets of the World Class: The Thought Processes, Habits and Philosophies of the Great Ones.

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I hope you are in good health. The last couple of my blogs were of the book review of how to win friends and influence people. In this blog, I'm going to discuss the review of the book 177 Mental Toughness Secrets of the World Class: The Thought Processes, Habits, and Philosophies of the Great Ones. Well, I cannot discuss every one of them briefly in one blog, but I'm going to divide them in a couple of blogs and discuss with you briefly. Steve Siebold, who is the author of this book, is one of the greatest mental toughness coaches in the world. For years the author has met world-class business-mans, athletes, and people from different careers and he has discovered these mental toughness secrets which have also helped me a lot in my career.

Secret number 48-56

Secret 48: The great ones are a professional failure


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Champions believe that failure is the building block of success and has to be endured at all cost. While amateurs and average people see failure as a breach in their pride and ego, that is why they want to avoid failure for their public image and they always do what they know they can easily do. While champions know that, the greatest lesson of the life is in failure, they know failure is a situation in which you can learn something. Champions believe failure is essential for learning and growing, that is why they are called professional failure.

Secret 49: Champions have tremendous faith


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Champions have a tremendous amount of faith in themselves, even when they are failing. They know they are the greatest, even before they become the greatest. They walk like a king, while they are a slave. That is the reason why champions have no competition with average people. Average people have almost no faith in themselves at all, that is why they don't aim for high grounds.

Secret 50: Champions handle fear like a snake charmer


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Another distinction between champions and great ones is what fear means to them. For average people, fear is something that limits them to perform high enough. They see fear as, something that is trying to stop you from doing something that you want to do. While champions enough all emotion including fear is trying to motivate them to put everything they got in the process. Champions know the message fear is trying to give them, it is not that they cannot do it, it is if they don't put everything they got in the process only then they would fail. So the same fear that stops an average performer from doing something, motivates a champion.

Secret 51: The great ones evolve from fear to love based motivation


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Champions know that all the riches in the world are in abundance and even if they lose a lot they won't they can gain it back again. Unlike average people who believe in getting all they can and try to lose nothing and in the process, they get frustrated by the process due to the fear of losing everything they have in the process. That is they lose everything they got because they cannot stay calm and if you cannot control yourself, you sure can't control the outcome.

Secret 52: Champions understand the limit of money


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Champions know that money is a tool, it is needed to do anything. Wheather you want to do charity or make a difference or support your family. But champions know it is just one of the fundamentals of happiness, not complete happiness. It's not that champions don't chase money, but they know that happiness is choice, it's not a destination that you need to reach. While average people think happiness is a destination and it is the destination that they never reach and end up saddest people alive on the earth.

Secret 53: Champions are future-oriented


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Champions are most disciplined people alive, they don't trade today's pleasure for tomorrow pain. Champions know that future only belongs to those, who create them. While, average people live in their fantasies of today's pleasure, but they don't know that today's pain is a lot less than tomorrow pain. They are not willing to suffer today for a glorious tomorrow, while champions are willing to suffer today for a glorious tomorrow.

Secret 54: The great ones challenge the fact


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Masses believe that it is fact that you can't earn billions. Champions are the ones who challenge those facts. Champions know that they can overcome any challenge or adversity, because they know that they cannot fail, they only learn and grow. While average people only believe these facts and don't even try to change their lives and become victims in their own minds.

Secret 55: Champions are driven by fun


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Champions are the most cheerful and happy people alive. While average people are not, average people say that champions are cheerful because they have everything that is why they are cheerful, while champions have everything because they are cheerful and happy. It is the same thing help them in performing better in every battle they fought.

Secret 56: The great ones learn to forgive


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Average people, when betrayed or criticized by someone tend to take revenge from them. While champions are not revenge driven. Champions know only one who can hurt them are the one who they allow to hurt them, that is why when they feel hurt they forgive the person, which exactly mean that they forgive themselves for allowing them to hurt their self.


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