Review of book 177 Mental Toughness Secrets of the World Class: The Thought Processes, Habits and Philosophies of the Great Ones.

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I hope you are in good health. The last couple of my blogs were of the book review of how to win friends and influence people. In this blog, I'm going to discuss the review of the book 177 Mental Toughness Secrets of the World Class: The Thought Processes, Habits, and Philosophies of the Great Ones. Well, I cannot discuss every one of them briefly in one blog, but I'm going to divide them in a couple of blogs and discuss with you briefly. Steve Siebold, who is the author of this book, is one of the greatest mental toughness coaches in the world. For years the author has met world-class business-mans, athletes, and people from different careers and he has discovered these mental toughness secrets which have also helped me a lot in my career.

Secret number 66-74

Secret 66: The great ones understand the power of humility


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The world-class know that humility is the most powerful thing. Champions know that they have fallen more times than they have risen. While the upper class lives with their egos of saying that they are self-made and they are better than everyone. Which is the reason why the upper class does not have much influence? The great ones possess supreme confidence in their abilities, not on what they have. That is why even champions have nothing they still have confidence in themselves. The upper class is the opposite of world-class, they are confident because they have everything that is why they feel inferior when they are with someone who is superior to them.

Secret 67: The world-class achieve happiness from being and becoming not acquiring and possessing


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The world-class know that happiness is the by-product of living your life to the fullest. They know that the only way to live more happily is to raise their self-esteem and decrease their ego. While average people are full of ego, that is the reason why happiness eludes them. Champions know that money and possession are just tools to live freely, not the happiness itself. That is why average people, even after getting the things they want they still are not happy. While Champions are happy even before they got nothing.

Secret 68: Champions believes in honesty


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Champions believe that real success lies in what you become, not what you own. While average people believe that success can be earned dishonestly and with the ways that are not legal, that is the reason why the happiness elude them because everyone knows what is wrong and what is right. Champions believe poverty is better than having riches earned dishonestly. Even if average people act happily after their dishonesty, but still their the effect of dishonesty on their souls are adverse. Either champion earns honesty or they earn not at all. 

Secret 69: The world class knows great ideas are the solution to success


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The world-class knows that secret to success in business is great ideas. While average people try to follow every step of their competitors, they even go ruined if their competitor goes ruined, because they are too busy following that they cannot even lead their own way. That is the reason why no one can defeat champions in business. Champions always lead in business industry with their great ideas which their competition have no idea about, which make them undefeatable in business.

Secret 70: The great ones are a product of their own imagination


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Champions know that it is only through imagination that they can decide what kind of life they want, or who they want to become and how much possession they want to have. While average people see imagination as a child's play, something that could be done easily or something of no value. That is the reason why they don't strong enough reason to pursue their dream because they have not lived their dream life in their imagination, so their dreams don't even inspire them to move forward and achieve them.

Secret 71: Champions don't let feeling get in their way


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Champions know that feeling and emotions might not favor them in a way they want them to. While average people believe that they would motivate them and give them the favor or they might feel good doing something they want someday, while it doesn't happen. Champions know that their emotion is not going to motivate them or even make them feel good about doing something they want, but still, they do it anyway, unlike average people who like to wait for a perfect moment to act and get a thing done. For average people, that day never comes, and for champions, they have achieved their goal long ago.

Secret 72: The world-class operate from love and abundance


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Champions know that love is the first thing that this earth has inherited. They know anyone who operates from it can never fail and would never be unhappy. They know the power of love withholds in its self. Champions know if they operate from love it would be an abundance of everything in their life, the abundance of wealth, the abundance of health. While average people try to cover their self-image with their ego and pride. They believe everyone owes them, but they owe no one. That is the reason why they remain to be average people and always would be, until or unless they start to operate from love and abundance.

Secret 73: World class are willing to get fired every day


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Most managers operate from fear and scarcity, they either babysit their team or they are dictators for their teams. While both of these methods are not of world class. World class operate from love and abundance. They know that babysitting or dictating your team will work only in short-term when you stop doing those two things the result ceases. World class know that their teams must become champions, even if it means having no results for two or three months that put them of the razor edge of getting fired, but still, they are willing to get fired for achieving what they want.

Secret 74: Champions don't care who gets the credit


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Average people always try to get credit for everything, for even the thing they have not done. Getting credit for everything or being in the spotlight makes average people raise their self-esteem. While champions don’t need credit for everything, champion operates in the way that if they fail it their responsibility, but if they succeed their team did this.


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