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 I love reading about the latest news in the world of robotics especially when it comes to the high stakes competitions and challenges such as one of the if not the greatest and most rewarding competitions for robotics, the DARPA robotics challenge.


We have all heard of the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency’s (DARPA) robotics challenge where the winning contestant can win some very nice pocket change to the tune of two million dollars.

 So, some of the robots that are up against all odds and giving their all to win this highly stressful challenge are very interesting including the most recent unveiling of RoboSimian that is the four-legged robot that has a sort of ape-like quality to it but is designed with the purpose of assisting and helping with disaster recovery tasks.


This guy is sincerely intriguing and full of wonder to the different possibilities he can accomplish when it comes to disaster relief. RoboSimian has four legs, with fingers coming out from the ends of his arms that can grab and hold even the small objects.

 But his wonder does not end there, he is able to balance very fragile items while in motion, climb ladders and practically do anything for that matter. He will surely be a helpful hand when it comes to disaster relief especially when it comes to helping human beings to safety, once perfected.


The one and only RoboSimian is under development, meaning not completed, at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). JPL is working with Stanford University in designing the robot’s hands. That just proves that multiple heads or geniuses are better than one especially when it comes to robotics.

 The RoboSimian will eventually be the future of disaster relief and think of all the possibilities if we had robot helpers such as this guy. Not only would RoboSimian be able to act fast, but he can also be flown in by a drone or aircraft at a faster rate without harming the health of any human beings and quickly respond to natural disaster damage.

 But then again, I am getting slightly ahead of myself, but not too far off I would hope.   

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