RocketJump forges an alliance with Lionsgate

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If you have not heard of Rocket Jump and Freddie Wong from YouTube then you are missing out! Freddie is a digital fx genius and is behind the smash hit webseries "Video Game HIgh School."The YouTube channel has nearly seven million subscribers and that number is only growing. It was recently announced that the online studio has forged an alliance with Lionsgate. Keep in mind this is a partnership, not a buy out. Freddie will still remain in control of Rocket Jump. This partnership will allow the digital studio to produce even more high quality content like VGHS possibly without the need for crowd funding, which is how VGHS was funded. Lionsgate has access to so many media property in both film and television including The Hunger Games and Divergent. Will we see Katniss make a cameo in VGHS season 3? Probably not but you never know. Maybe we'll see Jennifer Lawrence stopping by the Face Rocker podcast. Only time will tell and until then, congratulations Freddie. 




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