Role of Afghan youths in upcoming elections

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By passing each day we approach to a next step toward presidential and provincial council elections. Youths which make above half of our population have significant role in upcoming elections. Major youths understand that the upcoming elections is a way toward development and success. They tied their hope with accurate and clear elections process.

Our role as a youth in the future elections is to think correct and vote for correct person. Our hope is for the person who will bring peace and freedom for us. By our enlightenment and point of view we can turn elections for profit of people. We wish that people and youths vote for a responsible and able person who can serve for the country and people of the country.

The most important point for youths is that the candidates should prefer the country benefit instead of their own benefit. In addition they want from candidates to save their promises while they are talking about during their elections campaigns.

Youths have responsibility to participate in upcoming elections and beside this they should also encourage people to join elections for their future. I think the upcoming elections will be better than past because we have got experiences from previous elections and now it is the time to show the world who we are? And our choice is excellent!

By Mohammad Elias Hatimi

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