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Organization of Islamic countries,OIC is a symbol of Muslims desire for unity and solidarity was established in 1969 as a reaction to the arson attack by Zionists on the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.Apart from its immediate objective of releasing Al-Aqsa Mosque ,it chartered other objectives such as solidarity amongst Muslim countries ,strengthening cooperation in all fields (social,political,economic etc) and above all adjust the muslims to face the constant developing world and combat the challenges posed by the changing world.Ever since its inception ,Muslim ummah has been threatened by a number of challenges both external and internal.

The external challenges like Islamophobia of west and fundamentalism have emerged as a consequence of internal challenges ,lack of unity ,lack of democracy and human under development in Muslim countries .Moreover,these factors have not only hampered the growth of OIC over the years but also hindered its way to fulfill the needs of Muslim ummah in a tangible form. Muslim ummah is passing through a turbulent phase .Advent of new millennium witnessed two countries of Ummah invaded by US / West and its allies.Similarly ,the sovereignty of other countries of Ummah which have been bracketed under the ‘Axis of Evil’ is also under threat.The looming factor of US invasion on Iran worsen the situation .

Moreover ,the onging ‘War on terror’ has created the scenario of “Clash of civilizations” as a direct consequence of western Islamophobia and Muslim fundamentalism.West is projecting Islam as a threat to the modern values of civilization .Muslims are being tainted as fundamentalists.Western policies are becoming anti-Muslims particularly after 9/11 .So, west has adopted the policy of ‘Islam Bashing’ .However,only West is not responsible for such an image of Islam ,Muslim Jihadis have their own role in providing light to western view of Islam.This clash has been various implications growing indidences of violence,suicidal attacks etc.Such groups of fundamentalists have not only threatened the social and political fibre of their respective societies but also posed threat on Muslim nation and OIC.Above all,this extremism across the globe has provided germinating ground for conflicts within Muslim countries thereby sheltering their unity.

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