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Unfortunately ,these summits have been characterized more by empty rhetoric than concrete actions.Through the years ,the configuration of political and economic forces in international affairs has rendered the Muslim states more vulnerable and their leaders increasingly dependent on the US for their survival .The leaders are unable or unwilling to exert any meaningful pressure on the US led West to mitigate the hardships of the Muslim people.

After the tragic events of 9/11 ,the situation has been further exacerbated by the widening gulf between Islam and west,and at the same time,highlighting the inability of OIC to bridge the gulf and save the Muslim Ummah from US wrath.Moreover,the diversity among the member states has weakened OIC in terms of realization of its objectives.OIC has however failed to fulfill its major objective of unity among Muslim countries.As a consequence of lack of unity,no serious attempts have been made to create economic hubs and implement substantial development policies in Muslim countries. Despite its dismal performance so far,the fact remains that the OIC is a useful medium for projecting Muslim interests in the international forum.

The time is not to change the OIC charter and name as suggested in the Makkah Declaration ,but what is needed is the promotion of its major objectives that is solidarity among Muslims,development policies within states and adjust the Muslims to face the challenges of the changing world. To begin with,Confidence Building Measures (CBMs) such as inter state trading facilities through Free Trade Zone,enhanced exchange of technologies among member states etc would help OIC unite its member states.It should play its role in infusing the spirit of confidence and self reliance among Muslims that was once their hallmark.Moreover,OIC must play an important role in fostering democratic culture in Muslim countries by strengthening the Muslim masses,democratic norms and values.It should promote the moderate and pluralistic approaches among its members to resolve the conflicts within Muslim states.

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