Rosalika Fashion Pioneers- A new trend in town

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While online marketing is becoming a major source of business, in Pakistan it is becoming one of the only source for income for young men and women. Each day young businessmen are joining the world of social media to promote their private business, where they can sell whatever they want. From dresses to make up classes, from education to consultation, from training to advertising, everything is done in the language of cyber clicks. 

Not only the local, young, and "starters" do this online business on Facebook, there are huge brands and companies that provide the same and equal service on Facebook. People like online buying because Facebook is the most easy-to-use website that offers an all-in-one service where you can buy and deal online, while you are still connected to you social accounts.

One of such Facebook pages is Rosalika Fashion Pioneers. Rosalika is an upcoming fashion brand. They have a group of amateur designers displaying their own skills through their fashion sense. They offer consulting, designing and even re-designing old out dated dresses along with jewelry and much more. All new designs introduced by RFP are confirmed by Saira Naz, the senior designer and the co-partner of Rosalika Fashion Pioneers.

The flexibility in their prices is the center attraction for buyers. They are reported to be launching their mega Bridal fashion line and Eid specials this season. They have just started but they are working effectively well, specially in their local area.

Personally i think its never a bad start on Facebook. After all you don't invest much in your business on Facebook. You're free of many costs there. All you have to do is you make a page and if you're good enough then there you're, at the height of success.

Some of the products are displayed in my gallery too. Do visit the page, and if you like the content, hit the like button and inbox there to place your orders :D

Keep smiling. Good Luck! :)

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