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Successful people say that time is one of the most coveted and scarce resources, thus maximizing the time of the day throughout a very productive routine is one essential to a person.

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When a morning strikes to come to the promise clean slate, a brand new day unblemished by an unplanned day of our lives. They say that if we have discipline and learn to master our mornings, we can encounter countless productivity by planning our day for success prior to the rest of the world wakes.

In defiance to our scheme to rise early without a groan, most of us and that includes me choose to linger in bed and continue to extend the snooze the alarm.

The importance of the morning routine is to establish that it will maintain a level of productivity for a longer period of time than wasting it laying on the bed waiting for yourself to convince that you need to stand up. You will also have extra time to reflect in a quiet atmosphere which is less hustle and bustle and it basically gives you chance to be organized or productive for the rest of the day. Furthermore, this morning habits will help you build energy and the upright mindset to tackle the upcoming challenges of a busy day.

Therefore, in this article, it'll help you commence your day to have a fresh and productive day.

Wake Up Early

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By setting up in your alarm clock the time you wanted to wake up every single day, your body will eventually take it as a habit to wake up at 5 AM or 6 AM and that is called as your circadian rhythm or your body clock. It helps you improve your sleep and decreasing the probability of sleep deprivation or having insomnia. This is also proved by science that it reduces your dependence on the caffeine, boost your alertness, enhances your short-term memory and your focus, it will also lessen your irritability because of the lack of sleep, it improves your mood and your immune system functioning and it even helps you with great safety and job performances.

In addition, it is the best way to start a day with a conscious choice of strengthening your will power. Conquering the body or the mind is a natural tendency to go after the warm and peace of the bed sheets is one of the little big battles that will guarantee that your willpower is fully operational and ready for a significant day of conquest.

Willpower is one of the most vital basis manners for a person's success. It dispels someone's fear with a healthy dosage of self-confidence and self-esteem, it also allows a person to have a sense of ownership and responsibility for their own lives keeping away from unproductive excuses.


Brush your teeth and Drink water

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Other's prefer to brush their first before drinking water because they don't like it but in my case, every time I wake up, I gargle a small amount of water or mouthwash first then I drink water before brushing my teeth. Because in what I have learned, our body needs to have a glass of water before we start up our day. But it all depends on what will you going to do first.


Meditate for a couple of minutes

Meditation is something that can profoundly transform your life. Even a small amount of time of meditation can make a difference.

The act of meditating can cause the pituitary gland in the brain to secrete endorphins increasing the activity in the area of the brain that is related to positive emotions. It definitely assists you to fight anxiety and this "busy mind" syndrome as well as to improve pain tolerance.

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Seven minutes to ten minutes in the morning meditating is one prominent way to do to start your day with a calm and clearer head. Meditation is all about obtaining stillness and silence in the mind. Doing it in your daily routine will introduce you to have a calmer mindset and a clearer perspective all through to your waking hours.



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Doing a habitual physical activity can boost the creation of hormones that will make you gleeful and help you sleep better. Also, it has a propitious effect on the skin's appearance, weight control and exercising a few minutes can reduce the risk of chronic diseases. Working out or stretching out has a great part in building massive success.

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Health is wealth. You might not be happy or excited by the thought of doing a morning workout every day but eventually, your body and your mindset will adjust to it and you will be doing it habitually. And make sure you will stay hydrated while doing your workout for a few minutes. 


Drink Coffee or Drink Tea

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3 years ago, or way back when I was in my Junior High School I used to drink a lot of coffee from 2-3 cups but now I shift to drinking green tea every morning after the workout because it feels like all the soreness in my body was gone. Hence, it all depends on you on which one will you going to drink, both are significantly good for our health but don't drink too much of it.



When I was a kid, my grandmother always told me that before I go out of our house, I need to clean our front yard, cultivate the soil in the pot and water the plants. Thus, until now, I always do this sometimes in the morning sometimes in the afternoon.


Take a bath

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It is not advisable to take a bath after a workout so basically you need to have a little rest like 20 - 30 minutes before you reward yourself to take a bath/shower from the sweats you had during on your workout. And it is actually good to take a bath in the morning so that you will feel fresh throughout the day and have a clearer mind.


Eat a healthy breakfast

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One of the important meal is breakfast so you need to eat in the morning. In addition, it typically leads to a considerably healthy diet and lifestyle as well as into your work performance. 

In my breakfast, I usually eat oatmeal since it's like my energizer food or sometimes I ate bread or pandesal and then a cup of tea. I eat alone because every time I woke up, the only living things left in my home are my dogs and me, but there are times that I woke up early and I can see them getting busy preparing for themselves because they are getting late to work/school. Therefore, it's just a miracle for us to eat breakfast altogether and I don't eat breakfast nowadays because of my intermittent fasting huhu (I sacrificed my breakfast so that I can eat dinner with my family hehe)


Write the to-do-list

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You need to write down (or think about) on what you want to do for the rest for your day, in that way you can see a positive result on how did you manage your 8-12 hours on being a productive one making certain on the level of stress and high levels of performance. It basically exercises your willpower on what will have to choose the order of your priorities on the basis of the significance. Despite the tendency to one or more task. It distinctly helps you designate the importance over the urgent and to great use of energy to the materialization of the special manageable version of your day.

Some of these small acts are both have an insignificant and significant value simply because it is unnecessary, choosing to work them would be an everyday choice for a more useful effect on the positive exercise of your willpower. It is in the little things where successful people create their strength.

If you want to change and choose to be a better person, you will become better but if you don't want to change or want to be great then you will stay the same.

Review Your Goals

Each one of us has goals in our life, either it's big or small but in our mind or our thoughts, we want to accomplish it as soon as possible. But, sadly, the daily hustle and bustle of life can make a person who has goals get off on the track

Why is it important to review your goals?

It is important to review your goal every single day to not let yourself lose on track or focus on your goals. Thus, you need to create plans to reach those goals you had. Put your day in a great perspective. Know what's significant to accomplish. Set goals for your day or your year, but you can't basically be aimlessly wandering around on your day-to-day basis. Just simply make sure that you use your time for what it's worth and accomplish on what you set out for yourself.



Water your mind to grow your soul.

Actually, I am not that good at English but my mother and my sister always thought me to read books to learn the language, learn something like facts and etc. or it will make me develop or grow more. Sometimes I can read 5-10 books a year but sometimes I can only finish 3 books, depends if I am busy. But is actually good to read a book a day even if it's just a few pages or 2-3 chapters. So, don't stop learning, just keep on growing.

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Keep reading. It's one of the most marvelous adventures that anyone can have. - Lloyd Alexander


Bottom line

You need to wake up early so that you have enough time to yourself doing things such as your daily routines or preparing yourself. It is actually good that you are meditating to have a great perspective of your day or your life. Exercising is one of my stress relievers, I find it amazing seeing my sweats even if I am out of breath and in sore. Hence, doing a few minutes of your morning routine will not harm you. Stop your laziness and be a productive person you can be.



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