Roya Mahboob, Daring Female Entrepreneur in Australia

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Roya Mahboob is the Managing Partner of Citadel of New York which owns Women’, and Roya was recently featured on the cover of Dare’s September 2013 issue. Dare is a magazine for women based in Australia, and is available to read for free online. In addition to the cover shot, she was featured in an exclusive interview in the magazine.

The author of the article Jess Danes, explains, “While respecting Afghan traditions, which prefer women stay home and care for their families, Roya is empowering Afghan women - developing their professional skills so they can work from home or online, to generate revenue for their families.” She interviews Roya, asking about her work with Women’s Annex, as well as the challenges she faced becoming a woman entrepreneur in Afghanistan.

Roya explains that in Afghanistan, women are expected to stay home and take care of their families. However, by providing a way for women to make money online, they can earn an income, while still maintaining their cultural traditions. As Roya says, “What we do is in the full respect of local traditions to empower females and develop professional skills to generate revenues to support their families. Women can work online and stay at their home and we have the best platform and business model to share the revenue with the users of the Women’s Annex platform.”

Read the entire article at Dare’s website.

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