#Roya Mahboob the #Peace builder for #Afghan Women and #New Generation

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Is it really hard to answer who can build the peace? No, it is too easy. Peace isn't a dream, everybody can make it and catch it. Together the dreams become true. One of the peace builder that I know is Roya Mahboob, an Afghan woman who is the founder of Women’s Annex foundation, Afghan Citadel Company and she is in the list of most influential people in Time’s 100 Pioneers in the world. She graduated from Computer Science Faculty of Heart University in Herat, Afghanistan. Film Annex and Women's Annex have a dream for Afghan people to be safe and live in peace.

Roya Mahboob believe that we can make the peace when we have educated Afghan women because women according to her nature is one of the important natural elements who born the new generation so women has effect and have important role in family and society to change the world. Women’s Annex foundation helps that Afghan Women communicate with other Women around the world with social media like blogging and filmmaking and share to raise their voices.

In addition, Women Annex and Film Annex according to their dreams established ten internet classrooms for girl’s students in ten different schools in Heart-Afghanistan. They had different kinds of workshops and seminars about, filmmaking, writing blogs, script and social media that encourage and attract in social and cultural activities and want to extend it in other province of Afghanistan.


It is not just social media, Women's Annex is active and work for women empowerment, digital literacy, sustainable and created an online web channel facilities for women who don't allow working outside, but now with this kind of online system they can access easily to World Wide Web and earn money without going out side.


So Women’s Annex colleagues and Roya Mahboob try to show the meaning of peace for all Afghan Women. They have to change themselves like technology and accept to be a part of peace builders

 Written by: Kabul Women’s Annex

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