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I just got done reading the article Roya Mahboob, an Afghan Woman Entrepreneur at TEDxKabul, and it was extremely interesting! I strongly recommend reading it, and watching the video. What she is trying to do, is a possible change to an entire society. It's something that may have never gained headway, if not due to the technological advances we have today. Very exciting stuff!!

Just to keep everyone updated, I've been utilizing my typical nerdy nature and I have been doing research in Central and South Asia. Be prepared for some interesting blogs coming soon!

Along with that, I have started developing a dedicated work group at SUNY New Paltz to work with Mr. Francesco Rulli on his Afghan Development Project.Stay posted for more information on that as well!

I would love the opportunity for people to be interactive with me as well, so feel free to post questions and things you would like to see in my comments.

I will have a new blog up very soon!


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