Saint Lucian Perspective: More Taxi drivers than Farmers

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Farmers Market is a universal market; for any country and community around the globe there is always a date and time where many local farmers gather to sell their fresh produce. It is always a delight to visit these markets. Recently, it occurred to me that although these markets are on the rise in the western world they are dwindling in many developing countries. This is so because men living in those countries believe that it is a so called dirty job. For that reason very few want to work the land; the majority prefers to sit in an office, but there only few jobs to go around, and so they resort to Taxi driving as a means to support themselves and their families. The island of Saint Lucia has succumbed to this alarming trend. Many have chosen to engage in Taxi service rather than focusing on a more sustainable form of income and healthy living, such as farming. Valiant men who can do well in the field choose to embrace the “Easygoingness” of Taxi driving. Tourists need Food not Taxis. In addition, sedentary lifestyles contribute to ill-health. It is not rocket science to figure out that it’s time to ditch the taxies and head for the land. You will not only make money but you will be healthier and no doubt live a longer more satisfying life.

This picture reflects the effort of those who are carrying the burden of farming despite their limitations. Where are the valiant men?

According to the Hebrew word “Easygoingness” is described as careless ease, complacency. In this sense, easygoingness is linked to laziness and carelessness and thus stupidity or foolishness. No wonder why wisest King Solomon warns: “The easygoingness of the stupid is what will destroy them”. Easygoing or complacency is the characteristic of people who are preoccupied by excessive indulgence in life’s pleasures, such as the acquiring of riches, partying, the showy display of one’s means of life, drug abuse, constantly thinking about the next party , having a yearning for a good time all the while having little or no means to sustain such lifestyle. Does this definition reflect the attitude of many in our communities and towns? In a nation less than 180,000 people where there is so much land to cultivate (fertile land, sun, rain galore) food is so exorbitantly priced and not to mention scarce. Instead of embracing heartier, healthy foods locally grown, people have taken up to a high consumption of processed foods, and it is no wonder there is such an influx of diseases such as diabetes. Here lies a simple solution to the problem of food scarcity and diabetes on the island: Abandon the taxi; head to the land. It’s time to return to the land and change the direction of your health, your economic status and your future. Now is the time to stop being the conveyor belt of western goods and services!

I believe that the “Strength of a nation lies in the strength of its farming; in essence the way it feeds his people”. Easygoingness is decimating us; let us make agriculture a compulsory service. If you would like to take part in these discussions or post your blog or be A Saint Lucian Perspective contributor, please email me at

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