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Hello, guys. My very first blog is about very best dance - Salsa.

People from every corner of the universe dance SALSA. The dance is booming schools and business, restaurants and night clubs. As recently as the 80th Salsa was relatively unknown, but now it spread out of Latino community, and may be seen almost everywhere. It's being transformed over the times, and became a good business for some people.
I remember when I learned Salsa from my mother in the kitchen. There were a few formal instructions, that's why dance styles were very regional. You could notice people coming up with very different ways of moving.
Salsa dance is a baby of salsa music, which is combination of Jazz and Caribbean music. Torso movements + partner dancing. Let's go back to the rules (there are several of them in Salsa dance). The very first one includes six changes of weight, the last rule is IMPROVISATION. As simple as it is!
You can find salsa everywhere in the modern life: in social protests, in romances and novels, in the African and even Japanese communities. 
More schools open their doors every day, which means more and more people become interested, and sign up for salsa classes.
In my opinion the most catchy part of salsa is rhythmic consistency. You break forward on beat six and here we following the dance flow. And then more complex steps, more improvisation and more expressions on the floor. 
Even now each city has its own style of salsa. I remember a couple from LA dancing salsa in one of Puerto Rican clubs in Harlem. Their technique was unique for New York as LA retain its individual flavor of Salsa. 
I noticed that some Puerto Ricans easily find a common language with Americans without speaking language. Their conversation is based on salsa movements.
Dance Salsa. It makes your life more dynamic.

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