Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

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The phone that we Samsung-lovers have been on the watch out for, is finally out! The Galaxy S7 has attracted quite the fan base for itself, even amongst Apple and Windows phone users! Many have dubbed this phone as “the smartphone to beat this year”!

Is it really true that Samsung has created the best phone yet? If so, what features have made the S7 the must-have phone of 2016? Let’s have a look,


The S7 Edge dons curved edges, waterproof metal and glass and 5.5 inch screen thus making its grip compatible to all users- regardless of the size of their hands. It comes with deep, rich colours and, of course, an AMOLED screen that make the S7 one of the most attractive phones I’ve come across so far.


The S7 is available with 2 processors- octa-core Samsung Exynos 8890 or quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 and the Android 6.0.1 OS.

Apps load much faster than any other phone I’ve seen and it can withstand, pretty much, anything you throw at it.

The phone comes with internal storage of 4GB and 32 GB external storage capacity. Samsung has also listened to all the complaints from its users on storage space and brought back the microSD card slot!


The S7 is a real treat for photographers, as it comes with a 12 MP rear camera and the standard 5 MP front camera. It focuses much faster than its predecessors and produces very detailed and rich pictures and it comes with the “bokeh effect” (that you can use to blur the background)- a feature that I was quite impressed with.

All in all the Galaxy S7 Edge is, by far, one of the best smartphones produced and manufactured by Samsung. And it seems everyone around the world agrees, as Samsung has over taken Apple in sales during the first quarter this year and increased its market share over Apple to 27.5%. I don’t know how other upcoming phones will compare to it but I can bet it’s going to give iPhone 7 a tough time when it gets released later this year!

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