Sanity v. Extremism in Norway's Breivik Judgment

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This photo is found on sites labeled as "patriotic," "Christian" or simply to "Save America." To most, the focus will be on the presentation of President Obama - that he is unjustly labeled a Muslim. However, the more severe message is hate and intolerance toward Muslims and blaming all for any terror with the destroyed World Trade Towers in background.

Terror is not limited to or defined by religion, but effectively can be identified as a danger in the extremist fringe of any theology as well as ideology. The decision by Norway’s Court, unanimously, that Anders Behring Breivik (Photo from his Website) is sane and now will serve his sentence as a criminal refutes the idea promoted by some that terror is an exclusively “Muslim” defined problem. Read : “Christian Extremist or Insane – Norway’s Terror Killer?”. There has been a creeping rationalization of terror committed in the name of white/Christian  purity/supremacy by prompt explanations that the perpetrator(s) are insane. The recent murders of Sikh worshipers in Wisconsin. Read “Kill the Towelheads!” by another white/Christian supremacist is evidence of perhaps not so much a rising tide but a global movement coming to the surface. The notion that Muslim terror “lone wolf” perpetrators are somehow linked by “Al-Qaeda” ideology is a theory worthy of consideration. Same motivation/link though must be openly and convincingly evaluated for a loosely connected set of right-wing extremist organizations that define themselves as "Christian," "European" and/or "White" while in style and hate reflect Al-Qaeda. The "War Against Terror" has been converted by such extremist groups to project themselves as as "Holy Warriors" defending America, Europe, Christianity and/or the "white race" - Brevik, as many others across the borders of western societies label themselves as defenders in a war against multiculturalism and pluralism as well as "Muslims," the "colored," "African," "Oriental" and/or "Towelhead."  


Up to now, bias has impacted in the investigation of terror linked crimes,in the  law enforcement targeting of extremist groups and in the mainstream media reporting. Self-styled Muslim terrorists are routinely identified as “Islamist” or “Muslim.” Religious definitions though are not employed impartially across the board.  Is there an effort at denial or not to offend the majority culture in some western societies? Worse, could this selective identification now be further employed by extreme Christian rightist groups to rationalize their furthering of a hate agenda directed at “the other”- immigrants, racial minorities and particularly Muslims. See our Blog for Film –“Alliance of Hate-Exposing the Haters Who Echo Each Other Across a Divide They Erect”. It gives opportunity and legitimacy in the eyes of some for even politicians to target pluralism, open societies and tolerance as well as Muslims: See recent demands of US Congressman for an inquisition of American-citizens working in Government based on their  identity as Muslim by birth, (even regardless of actual belonging or religious propensity): “Republican Party of Lincoln & Teddy or Michelle Bachmann & Joe McCarthy”. While perhaps not a dalliance, nonetheless apologetic reporting and rationalization of hate politics based upon ethnicity and particularly religion has given rise to segments of both European and US extremism being institutionalized into the mainstream politics. Read our Blog for Film:“Rise of Euro-Far-Right & Tea-Party Both Born of Fear politics”. To be sure, in many Muslim majority countries, (as well as Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish etc), religion/ethnicity is employed to rally support and demonize "the other" - in fact we highlight the problem for all states/societies as a rising danger even if not necessarily a new phenomena. The greatest enemy to our societies and global citizens have to face is not defined by ethnicity, race or religion (Sikh, Hindu, Buddhist, Bahai, Jainist, Animist, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Agnostic, Atheist etc) but by intolerance and rejection of a shared humanity.



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