Satoshi Nakamoto - The Mysterious Creator of Bitcoin

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Most people who are familiar about the "Bitcoin Currency" surely knows the mysterious person named, "Satoshi Nakamoto". For those who does not know him, Satoshi is the creator of Bitcoin. It was way back in 2009 when he introduced Bitcoin and then followed by other cryptocurrencies.

According to some sources, Satoshi was quite an active member in the Bitcoin community. Anyone can ask and exchange conversation with him directly but only via email. No one had actually communicated with him in person or by phone.

Satoshi remained active in the Bitcoin community from 2009 to 2011. He then suddenly stopped answering inquiries and issues leaving the community behind with the curiosity of knowing his real identity.

Why Satoshi Nakamoto Kept his Real Identity Secret?

There is no other reason why Satoshi Nakamoto choose to keep his real identity but for the sake of his "safety". If it happens that he finally declared his true identity, it's for sure that governments will go after him.

As the creator of Bitcoin, many people speculated that Satoshi probably own a lot of Bitcoins. Some experts even claimed that Satoshi had mined nearly close to millions worth of Bitcoins from the first year that the system was introduced on the net. This was the time when mining was quite an easy task even for low performing computers.

Assuming that Satoshi held an amount of 1,000,000 Bitcoins on his stash up to this current period of time (5/19/2015: Price Exchange of 1 Bitcoin is equivalent to 232 USD), that would be equivalent to 232,000,000. With this amount of money, staying anonymous is the best way to protect his fortune from being confiscated by the authorities.

Satoshi Nakamoto is Nick Szabo

Some people are trying to uncover the real identity of Satoshi Nakamoto and the closest person that they suspect is "Nick Szabo". This is because of his expertise and great interest involved in cryptocurrency before and after Bitcoin was created.

Many people especially in the Bitcoin community strongly believes that Satoshi is no other than Szabo. Despite of the majority beliefs, Szabo denied that he is Satoshi. In fact, he was even directly asked by the "Times" writer, Nathaniel Popper answering him back saying, "I'm not Satoshi".

It's really hard to say if Szabo is either lying or telling the truth. Some sources claims that if Szabo is Satoshi, he's unfortunately "not living" a lifestyle that shows large fortune. He actually wears beat-up black sneakers, untucked shirts and a guy who choose to drive an old car. In short, not a typical lifestyle of a filthy rich person.

Another interesting source claims that Satoshi is dead. It's because on his final words, he hinted something about serious illness prior to his disappearance.

Moreover, the real identity of Satoshi Nakamoto might remain forever to be unknown. And as for my own personal opinion, Satoshi is probably not interested in making money. He and other people behind the creation of Bitcoin might be more interested in technology. This is the reason why Bitcoin is related to solving complex mathematical operations. Who knows, they might be attempting to create the first "Quantum Super Computer".

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