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Washington and other psychiatric experts alzayymr the best food plan designed to ease the process may not be completed if the results can be amazing even when the media intervention for trynyn Dash Diet named Daley nyurujnrysn alzayymr who have been and may prevent diseases like dementia.

Martha Clare Morris dietitian who has developed a chart of foods were tested on several patients, those who follow the dietary plan alzayymr and 53% lower risk of dementia was affected by the ban, 35 percent eat food in addition, it had a lower risk of stroke (stroke), blood pressure, and stroke was reduced notes.

This item is not any food in the chart are difficult to continue, just in the same day with daily fish food and seasonal fruit and vegetables from 3 to 4 times per hy.mahryn overall food plan includes 15 components including vegetables, walnuts and almonds, strawberries, beans, poultry, fish and olive oil, and foods that are highly useful for both the mind and the red meat, butter, margarine, sweets, fast food and pastries etc. should be avoided.

It is a diet plan that will be used at least 3 times daily whole grain (grain), salads and used to be a vegetarian, nut and every other day to day, eating beans and legumes, poultry, and twice a week berries (blue berry and strawberry) and eating fish at least once in the butter, cheese, fries and fast food used to be minimal and should be the main item in the diet of olive oil.

The Chicago 923 seniors and retirees in the study were included in the 2004 to February 2013 were questioned about their diet results giving us an amazing group of 144 dementia and alzayymr The usefulness of the case, and the food plan that emerged when people eat a diet of mental and neurological disorders showed a very high rate.

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