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There are a number of little things you can do to Save Money.   These tips were are used by students (as well as prison inmates) for the simple reason; they work.   You'll be surprised at how well they work.   

And how much money you save.


The easiest saving is when you realise how much toothpaste remains in that 'empty' tube.  We all 'squeeze from the bottom'  we all 'roll up the tube'.  But do we all cut the bottom off the tube, and get in from that end?

When you think your toothpaste is finished, unroll it.  Now, use a scissors to clip the bottom.  Open the tube, and using your toothbrush start going in from that new opening at the bottom.  Move your tooth brush around, working your way down.  You have a week's worth of toothpaste, at least, even if you brush three times a day.

You'll be surprised at how little tooth paste you actually need to get a clean mouth. And how long a tube can last.


You buy a bar of soap. Cut it in half.  Put half away and use the one half.  When the one half gets small, put it in the soap dish or a plastic cup with a little water to keep it moist.   Now use the other half.   When that gets small, put it with the old mush piece and squeeze them together.  Use that.  When the squeezed lump becomes too small,  put it into water and start another bar; cutting that one in half.

When that gets small, put with the the mushy piece in the soap dish or cup.  Keep it moist and use that soapy water in a liquid soap dispenser.

You not only get a few days extra from that tiny piece, you also get liquid soap.


These products are concentrated.  They need water to work.  Give them water.  Pour about 1/4th of the shampoo or body wash into an empty bottle.  Add water to the brim. Mix by moving the container back and forth as on a rocking chair.  This keeps the suds down and blends the water and wash.  Use this mixture.  When it is almost finished, start again.  One part shampoo or body wash to three parts water.

You can also add things to the mixture.  A touch of left over moisturiser, a bit of aloe vera liquid, which adds value to the product.

In short, every bottle of shampoo or body wash should last four times longer than usual.

Don't think the water is too 'diluting'.   What happens is that the product suds faster, washes off quicker.  No more layers of foam or long rinses.


Buy a tiny bottle of really good lotion, a large bottle of the cheapest stuff.  Pour a little of the best into a container, poor a portion of the cheap stuff on top.  

Add coconut or olive oil, and aloe vera liquid to this. Often you'll have almost used up bottles of lotion lying about the place.  Add the olive or coconut oil to the used up bottle,  mix, and pour into your container.

What's left in the bottle that does not pour out is washed out by using some of your mixed body wash. Pour the body wash in, thin if you must, then back into your bodywash container.  It makes the body wash better, cleans the lotion bottle.  

That half ounce of body lotion which is clinging to the sides of the container are now in your new body lotion and the residue in your shampoo.  No waste.


We've all had those new black pants which after washing become grey.  You can avoid this by 'sponging'.   That is, using a clean, damp sponge to wipe down the pants.  You go inside first, then outside, leaving the pants damp.

You can avoid washing your slacks for quite a while.   By sponging you remove the top layer of soil, the inside sweat.   If you do it right you don't have to wash those pants for a long time.

When you do reach that stage, fill a bucket with cold water, dip the pants in and out quickly, then use the water to flush a toilet or wash the floor.  Catch a bucked of cold water, add very mild detergent, and do the dipping thing, having the pants inside out. 

Dip quickly and keep going until the water is dirty.   Get new water, add a little of the detergent, then do it again.   

Then, with new clean water, do the dipping thing, squeezing the pants, then, when you feel they are clean, put them into some cold water to soak for a few minutes, agitate the water, then, squeeze again and hang them up, outside out, NOT in the sun.  You might hang them at night or in the shade.

The pants should stay black a lot longer.


Appliances, even when not in use, pull electricity.  At night, unplug everything. Computer, fridge, microwave, television... everything.

In the morning the fridge would have defrosted so you can toss off the water, and all the appliances are perfectly fine.

This also protects against surges and any other problems that could occur.  Keeping your appliances unplugged until needed prolongs their lives as well.


Always catch rain water and then, cover it to avoid mosquitoes.  Use the rain water to flush toilets, wash cars, wash floors, water plants, do everything except drink or cook or wash with it.

You don't realise how much water it wastes to flush a toilet or wash a floor until you start using rain water and see your bills go down.

These are just a few tips on how anyone can save money.  If you implement them you will be surprised at how much you actually save.  You may think it is a few pennies, but in a month it is more than a few dollars.

The upside is that often, with the additions you make the product better; i.e. adding aloe vera liquid, coconut or olive oil. 




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