Say no to drugs

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Drug addiction is a very common problem. The drug addiction become very dangerous when complete dependence is given. If the addict take drugs for a long time it become very dangerous for him. There are many types of drugs like heroin, alcohol, cocaine, tobacco and marijuana.


Drug addiction caused by family problems, bad domestic circumstances and also by money problems. Young people do experiment in the name of adventure. Many people who take drugs are run from the responsibilities of life.


Drug addicts don’t know about the risk they have taken. Its continuous use causes total dependence on it. The more dangerous substance is used the more risky it becomes. Long term use of drugs may cause mental and physical sickness.

The addict is taken to the rehabilitation centres for the recovery of the addict. In Pakistan many people including children’s drugs are very common. Rehabilitation centre are very good place for recovery of the victims. These centres look after them and provide guidance to victims.


They cooperate with the victims and help them to escape this unmeaning full life. Drug addiction is really a very serious warning to any society. In Pakistan about 5 million drug addict are present.

Addicts undergo many economic, social and health problems. The government all over the globe try to wipe out the drug addiction but more energy is required. It can only happen when we identify about the threat of drugs.

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