Scalars And Vectors Quantities

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                                There Are Two Types of Physical Qunantities.First is Scalar And Second is Vestors.Scalar Are need To Magnitude and the power unit while vector need the meagnitude. the unit proper and direction.scalar can be added Subtracted,Multipled and Divied by use the Simple Mathematical Rules.vector Can be add to use Head to tail rule and use to by rectangular components method.vector can besubtracted  the head to tail rule.

Physical Quantities :-

There are Two Types of Physical Quantities and following two types

  1. Scalar

  2. Vector


                Physical Qunantities that can be completley specified by their magnitude and suitabllw unit are know as Salar .They Can be Added,Subtracted,Multiplied And Divied By Mathematical Ruels.

Example:-Mass, Distance, Speed, Energy, Work, Area, Volume, Temperrature,Time, Money, Electric Current. Etc


Physical Quantities that can be completly Specfied by their  Magnitude suitable unit are knowas cector they cannot to added subtracted and divided but we use methodes of vector addition for these purposes

Example:-Displacement celocity acceleration force momentum torque angular velocity etc

Represention of a vector:-

                                                Generally a vector is represented by a blod force type E.g A or By putting an arrow or a bar above or bleow the letter such as a A The magnitude of vector is represented in light faced italics or by its modulus for example magnitude  of the vector

Types Of vector :-

  1. Unit Vector

  2. Null  Vector

  3. Resultant Vector

  4. Negative Vector

  5. Component Vector

  6. Position Vector

Unit Vector:-

                                A  vector is magnitude is one called a unit vector.its represented by a cap letter of in case A Any vector can be written by A with arrow

Null Vector:-

                                it is vector having Zero magnitude

Resultant Vector:-

                                When We add two or more vector is called Resultant vector.For example we add three vector A1 A2 A3 acting on a body at O O is Called Resultant Vector.

Negative Vector:-

                                A vector having the same magnitude as tha na given vector but opposite direction is called Negative vector

Component Vector:-

                                                A vector can be resolved in to two or more than such vector these vector  are called  a component vector.

Position Vector:-

                                A vector is plane or in space which joins a given point in the plane or space with the  orign the magnitude of the vector is equal to rhe distance.B/W the given point and the orign Position Vector help us to locate the position of a point in the plane or in space

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