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Oh my god. It was one hell of a dream. Here I am in the middle of the city alone .all people are inside their houses. I am standing  by myself in the street don’t know what is going on around me. I looked up to see if there is a window anywhere opened but could not find one. I searched by my eyes everywhere but could not find any person in the street. And suddenly a lion came out don’t know from where and then I realized what is going on so I started running and the lion kept chasing me. And while I was running I found that there are bunch of monkeys staring at me too and they started chasing me with this ugly scary lion. Did not know where I should go.

I am becoming exhausted right now. My adrenaline cannot help me anymore. I am becoming weaker.I whispered "God Please Help Me"

While I was drowned in my thoughts of dying and being eaten by these horrible animals, I found an open window at the end of the street. I kept running toward it and I felt a rush of new dose of adrenaline coming through me. I reached the building and started climbing the stairs to that open window. I thought these animals will not be able to follow me anymore. But I was wrong. Here they are following me. I entered the house through its open window and I told the people inside it “help me please, and asked them to close the window immediately”. But for my surprise,  they did not move and they seemed not to care that much. I screamed and asked them again and again but I got no answer. Finally a sweet old lady came out and told me few words”kid, don’t worry. We don’t have to close the window. Just pray for God and he will keep them out.” So I did what she said and for my surprise they did not enter the house.

Then I wake up on the sounds of the Fajr prayers and smiled because I knew why I had had this scary dream. I used to miss some prayers and that was not okay. Since that dream I did not miss a prayer. Thank God.

P.S: I was 10 years old when I had this dream and I can’t forget it till now, because it was really scary dream

Written by;

Mariam Lotfy

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Mariam is a clinical pharmacist, she was born on 23rd of October 1987 in Egypt.she was graduated from faculty of pharmacy,Cairo University,Egypt year 2009,and she love writing

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