Scenario Writing by girl students-sustainable education in Afghanistan

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Educational deputy of the Mirman hayati High school supervised all classes to see if there is any student who did not obey the school’s roles about the uniform and not wearing the jewelries. The students obeyed the rules, because school is not the place of fashion, and the students should be different from others. The students should come to school to learn something and teach them to other people.

The next activity that happened this week in the school, a scenario test gotten from the students, then the results announced and now a lot of students are practicing their scenarios. Then the students will put their scenarios in the Examer content creator. The other students can read them and all can comment them. 

At the end the students with the best scenarios will get an award. All the students are very interested in scenario writing. They wish to write scenario and change them into movies, show their dreams to the whole people of the world. They are very grateful of Afghan Citadel and Filmannex that made the opportunity ready for them.   

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Mirman Hayati High School is one of the historical schools of Herat, Afghanistan. It was established in 1340 (1961). This school is located in the center of Herat city, on Shahid Mirwais 28 Street. It has 1,810 students in two shifts and 50 teachers. This school was first reconstructed by…

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