School and College Life

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It is fact that, School life is best period for a human where he starts his basics of the education and other good manners. He learns how to teach and read the lessons. Often he is punished by the teachers and often he gets the awards from the teacher due to struggling hard. But it is very important for you that how you spend your life in school days and it is very short time because after this you get admission in the colleges where you will meet the new faces and new teachers.


There is a lot of different in school and college life. In college life, you will own responsible about your result. In college, any teacher will not you punish for the lessons and results.


In College life, you are free from the fear and study. In college, its depend on you that you are regular in the colleges or not. But in the school, Teachers punish to students and asks for reasons for the leaves.


School teachers are responsible for your study result but college teachers are not responsible if you are not sincere by them.


You should avoid from the UN extra activities in College because many students make their unions and disturb the College's setup and all these strikes are not belonging from your study plan in College. So you can make your college life better if you be sincere with you.


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