School life is good part of Human Life

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I made good friends in I have spent a good time in school life when I was in 9th class. I have good memories about my school life. The school. We were good in the study and we were lived like brothers. We fought with each other and then again realize our relationship by saying sorry.


We got sit together during class and we were shared the meals during the break. So every teacher of the school was happy about this. We were kidding together and then at the time of punishment blaming our friends.



During the days of exams we helped to each other for the good preparations of exams and provide notes of missed lecture to them. During the papers we solved many questions of our friends many times but we got punishment also for this reason. But we were happy that we helped out friends good or bad, it does not matter.


We helped out our friends in the every time like good or bad. We went school together and return together also. We were sad when we passed our matric from the school because it was a time; it’s separated me from my friends. At the time of farewell party we were sad and we said sorry about our mistakes during the class with class mates and teachers. All teachers were also sad and they prayed for our good future. When I miss my school, I feel that it was good time in the past.

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