Schools and education in Afghanistan

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School is the place where we learn every thin even we cannot just name from speaking with people up to today’s modern science and technology all and all these are the blessings of schools education and learning and we can say that school is the way of life and as soon as we put first foot on earth that should be where we learn something and seek knowledge means school.

In our own country Afghanistan if we look to the history of school and education system the first school was established in the time of Amir Habibullah khan in(1903) by the name of habibia high school just one school in our whole country.                                                                                                                                                                    

After that in deferent governments situation of education was deferent, when Soviet Union attached on country they implemented rules of communism on education system as well after applying these rules people got despondent and were saying if we sent our children to schools they will get communist, so they preventing children from going to schools, but fortunately after the clubs of Taliban regime and by electing of president Karzai ones again school’s doors opened for afghan children and teenagers  we were wetness that thousands of thousands of these students have gone to schools across the country and now over 10 million students are studying in school and this is a great number of students compared to the 30 million population of the country.

But there are still many and many problems to be solved from not having a proper environment or even a proper building to study up to other facilities these students still standing on the face of the earth do not have a book store they do not have professional teachers and in the provinces lake of teachers the students do not have playground for game to play clean water and in whole country will be no school having internet connection their teachers also have some problems like they do not have enough salaries and tens of other problems that we will try to search all these problems one by one in our next blogs and we will see how much serious are these problems and how can we over come from, if god welling. 

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Written by: khawani hemat 

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