Schools in Afghanistan

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Knowledge has an important role for development of each country

By good knowledge each person can do something for their country

Bye knowledge each country can development

Knowledge Is for everyone both for women and for men.

Unfortunately in our country Afghanistan same people don’t think so

They think knowledge is sin for women for this cause in our country

Women are illiterate and lots men too.

Our country Afghanistan is country which in this  country were war for three decades

For this cause this country cant development

In our country Afghanistan there are lots of schools and university but

Our  schools are not advanced like another country

in some parts of our country people don’t go to school

because they fear from Taliban if they go to school the Taliban kill them special in village of Afghanistan

and the Taliban burn many schools in our country for this cause our people fear  of going to school

fortunately at this time some countries came to our country for help our country

they build some good schools and university and they help our people in everything  in our country

security is not good and some people don’t put their sons in the schools because they think while they

put their sons in the school the people opposed to the peace will kill them

for this cause our people stay illiterate.

In our country Afghanistan our people are really good people and very clever people

While in our country the Taliban and same another people which don’t like come peace in our country

become destroy our country can development and the people can go to school and university

Finally in our country all people became literate

( Wares rashidi)

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abdul wares sulaimankhel student in mashal institute from Herat (AFG)D Live in herat and a member of british council school online project

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