Science in modern world

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Science has greatly helped to man’s comforts by providing him with those things on which his existence depends today; we make use of the features provided by the scientists everywhere. Prime provision of life are now easily exist science plays Avery important way in man’s life nowadays. It affects every aspect of human activity.

Scientific research and its application have completely changed our outlook and our mode of living. What would be the fate of the world if all the amenities given to us by science disappeared overnight?

Primitive man faced many discomforts because he had not learnt how to use primitive man faced many discomforts because he had not learnt how to use natural resources. He suffered from many handicaps his food supply

Uncertain, his clothing was rough and he was afraid wild beasts. But in the modern civilized world, man has got so many amenities food supply is assured by efficient transport system. Fine and beautiful materials for clothing are quickly and cheaply made by machinery. Blessings of science are countless. In earlier time people didn’t have any means of transportation. They had no radio, T.V, or other means of entertainments.

But for the time being there are so many little things that help make life easy and pleasant. For example science has given us railway Trans, motor car, airplanes, etc. formerly people had to travel had to travel on foot and at a great personal risk but today journey is quick and comfortable long distances are covered in a few hours. These quick means of transportation and communication have brought the people of the world

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