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Who doesn't like sweets?

I was delighted upon seeing this one stop stand along Bohol's ICM or Island City Mall in the island of Bohol, my home province. It was just as tempting as you can see it in this photo. I can't help but go near into that stand and order the best of what they are offering, I have even asked the staff to put additional toppings like the chocolate bits! I was excited to indulge my sweet tooth into it.

It took a few minutes to make it and serve it to us. I learned that was just some crushed ice with lots of sugars in it, there was powdered milk, chocolate sauce and toppings such as m and ms, chocolate bits and others. It's their biggest cup so it requires more chocolate sauce and so when finished, I was like a little kid who was definitely excited to taste it.

I grabbed the spoon and immediately took a scoop. I finished it all in just a few minutes! Aww, I realized I took lots of sugars and calories. I might become diabetic right away but it was also happiness!

See how cute their cups look like above? Anyone can get attracted to it in my opinion.

By the way the name of this stand is Scramblelicious!

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