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(Myself at a recent screening at Grossmont College speaking with students in San Diego - photo courtesy of Pat Palma)

I've been very fortunate that along with film festivals, community and theatrical screenings of my first feature documentary, One Big Hapa Family, I've also been able to screen at many universities and colleges across North America and internationally. The funnest thing about university screenings is that I also get to accompany these screenings to conduct a question and answer period after the film or guest lecture.  

Since One Big Hapa Family addresses educational topics such as multiculturalism, mixed-race identity, and interracial marriage, I've been invited to screen and talk at such acclaimed institutions such as Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Cornell, DePaul, and the Universities of Toronto, California and Washington to name just a few.  As well, my film has taken me to Japan with a talk and screening at Kyoto University. 

The cool thing about screening at universities is that as a filmmaker, you can request a screening fee and speaking fee.  As well, all travel including flight and hotel including a per diem for food is covered by the university.  Therefore, it has been a great way to travel around the world for free and make a little money in the process!

Recently I was in San Diego where I screened One Big Hapa Family and conducted a Q&A at Grossmont College.  I was contacted by a woman from the
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council who had seen my film at a film festival down there a few years ago.  She thought it would be a great film to bring  to the campus and invited me to screen and speak.  

(The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council at Grossmont College who invited me to screen One Big Hapa Family to their students - photo courtesy of Pat Palma)

What was cool this time around, was that to raise funds for my new feature documentary Mixed Match, I was able to host a table after the event that offered DVD's and art prints for various donation amounts.


(Myself and one of the committee members at my merch table after the screening - photo courtesy of Pat Palma)

Here are some more photos from the event to get an idea of what these university screenings look like!

(photos courtesy of Pat Palma)

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