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In this week, a law training course by sharia faculty implemented to make familiar those students who are interested in law.

The students who are in 12th class want to get preparation in final school (konkor) and a competition between students has held.

In this week in computer class, every problem of students solved and for students who has created film annex account, posted some blogs and got their revenue from film annex. In this website a large numbers of people are registered in and earn money from this network. And a person can be a good writer and film maker and every member of Film Annex works professionally.

Writing script is created and provided by Film Annex and for whom want to write blog, Film Annex help them to write professionally. In script writing class first of all an exam has taken, and those who succeeded in exam asked to come to Mahjobe Herawi high school. And they divided in 2 parts and sent them in Amir Ali Shir Nawai and Mahjobe Herawi schools and a script writing class held and got some information to the students.

And told to students that they shouldn`t copy some others blogs and should write new blogs.

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Mirman Hayati High School is one of the historical schools of Herat, Afghanistan. It was established in 1340 (1961). This school is located in the center of Herat city, on Shahid Mirwais 28 Street. It has 1,810 students in two shifts and 50 teachers. This school was first reconstructed by…

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