Scrubs & Community: 2 of the Best American Comedy TV Series

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Who doesn't like to laugh? I like laughing because I rarely get to do it if I'm not with friends. Watching comedy shows is the only other way that I can laugh. Of course I can watch other YouTube videos or movies but sometimes watching a TV series and doing a marathon of it is much more fun.

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So here I'm sharing 2 of the best American comedy shows I like for you to find out or read about.




♦ Scrubs: A Funny Medical Comedy/Drama Series ♦joel_mchale

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Scrubs began to air in 2001 on American television. I got to know about it through our local TV channels and I think on cable too. Somewhere between 2007 and 2008 I was able to buy the first 4-seasons boxed set of DVD copies at a super cheap price during a garage sale! Wow was I lucky or what? Haha.

Anyway, as far as the story goes, it starts off with medical interns, John Michael "J.D." Dorian (Zack Braff) and his best friend Christopher Turk, fresh out of medical school who have just begun their internship at Sacred Heart Hospital. At the hospital, they meet a lot of people like the one who became J.D.'s mentor: Dr. Perry Cox.

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Dr. Cox is my favorite character because he's so sarcastic and straightforward that it seems he's mean but in truth he only wants the best for J.D. and the rest of the people in the hospital. Aside from him, Dr. Bob Kelso is also there as the Chief of Medicine who is shown to be only interested in money or business aspects of the hospital.

J.D.'s love interest is another intern named Elliot Reid and they both get into an on-off relationship for most of the 8 seasons. Turk's love interest is the head nurse Carla Espinosa, who is from the Dominican Republic although Turk keeps on thinking she's Mexican or Puerto Rican. Haha. Eventually (*spoiler alert!*) the two get married (in Season 3) and have a kid before JD and Elliot finally get married to each other in Season 9.

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There are other amazing characters of course including the janitor who often bullies J.D. and the singing but spineless lawyer and his awesome group quartet. 

This TV series is filled with fun, love and some sadness too. Hey they work in a hospital so expect some tear-jerking episodes if in case you've only seen a few or never seen any episode. It also has a lot of celebrity guestings which adds to the fun of watching it. 

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The best celebrity guesting of them all is with my favorite Brendan Fraser. Oh did my heart break because of what happened to him and how they made all those scenes with Dr. Cox. :( The story ending is so sad I can almost cry just remembering it. Huhu. :(

My favorite phrase from this series is in this short clip with Ryan Reynolds as their guest star. ☺

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What I also love about the series is each episode is filled with J.D.'s visualized fantastic what-if daydreams on top of their real life in and outside the hospital. It deals with a lot of topics including racism, sexism and other kinds of discrimination aside from the heavy and light side of dealing with life and death.

The music is also great! They have musical episodes sometimes and some song and dance numbers at other times. It's not boring at all. The show even won a Peabody award, which is given as an award for the best television, radio or online media program. 

The show runs for 9 seasons, with the last one being criticized for not being as good as the previous seasons. In short, it kinda sucks. Blame it on nostalgia.

A lot of the regular cast members are gone in the last season and as I was watching it, each episode seemed like a farewell to the previous Scrubs seasons. I guess it's alright because everyone grows and everything changes so it was sad to see how the series changed but I'm happy that it had a happy and tearjerking ending.

If you want an amazing fantasy and real-life medical sitcom then watch Scrubs and have a blast! As for it's rating, 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest, I give this show an overall 10 even with its lackluster season 9. 

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♦ Community: The Next Best Thing After Scrubs ♦six_seasons_and_a_movie

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If we’re gonna look at these two TV series closely, Scrubs coincided with Community in 2009. Sept 2009 marked the season premier of Community while Scrubs’ 9th and last season premiered in Dec 2009 . Talk about having the best comedy shows on air starting on the same year eh?

Both are sitcoms but in different fields: one is in medicine, the other in education. I don’t think one trumps the other because they’re two very different shows but similar in genre. Each show has a group of good friends working/studying and having great times together.

Community starts off with a disbarred lawyer, Jeff Winger (Joel McHale), who had to enroll in fictional Greendale college because apparently he didn’t have a bachelor’s degree at all.

There he meets Britta Perry and because he wanted to get to know her, he fakes a Spanish study group to get close to her which eventually became a real group. They all become good friends afterwards.

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I was definitely hooked when I watched the first episode of this show because I was dealing with lying and deception in my first real real estate career venture at the time. I’ve always thought of lies and deceit as evil and hurtful, as it turns out it can be funny sometimes especially in TV series' or movies. 

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What really got me into it was how deceitful and bad Jeff Winger is as opposed to how very honest and idealistic Britta is. And then I found the hidden humor in each episode plus TV parodies! The show just cracks me up without me knowing why sometimes. It’s probably cerebrally funny (?). Totally different than Scrubs humor but close enough for me to enjoy it.  

The group of friends is composed of 7 different kinds of people from all races and ages.

Abed is the resident pop culture expert, a total movie and TV fanatic with a great imagination. Like J.D. in Scrubs, he's the one with a lot of what if scenes in his head which are shown to us viewers. Troy is his best friend whom he shares fun adventures with, also a former high school star football player.

Troy and Abed became best friends like J.D. and Turk in Scrubs. The only difference is, the latter have been friends way before the start of the show.

Annie is supposedly the brightest and most competitive of them all when it comes to studying. Troy and Annie are the youngest in the group as they both came from the same high school. Pierce is the oldest member of the group and supposedly the richest and most obnoxious too. Britta is the honest, steadfast and social activist woman that Jeff likes. And Shirley is the devout catholic mother of two kids. 

How about Jeff you say? Well he's the leader of the group. After all, he organized and came up with it. Haha.

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The show deals with many pop culture references and puts fun into college life to makes it all look like a great adventure. The cast has great chemistry and every episode is always fun and creative. It’s carefully sensitive to lots of different social issues as well.

For me, the best episode is from Season 3, Episode 17. This episode is a spoof of crime/Law & Order TV show. It’s so funny because it’s ludicrous and serious at the same time. It’s more fun than the paintball episodes, which are totally a blast as well.

Anyway, if you’d like something to fill up where Scrubs left off or just want a funny and smart TV show to watch then this is definitely it. It even has a great opening sequence with pen doodles/art, one of which is pictured under this review's title. I just love it.

The series has 5 seasons, plus it's 6th season shown online in 2015 due to the show being cancelled on the US TV channel NBC. Because of Community's cancellation, the slogan #sixseasonsandamovie came about in the hopes that NBC will allow a sixth season. Alas, the 6th season materialized online via Yahoo!; the movie is yet to come.

The 4th season lacked the usual spark of seasons 1 to 3 because the show creator Dan Harmon was removed by NBC from that season. It was still fun but you could tell somehow there was something missing. NBC brought him back on the 5th season because of the low ratings season 4 got. 

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As for the last and online season, I didn't like the first 5 episodes of it so I never finished it. None of the online episodes I watched seemed funny to me at all, maybe because two and then three of the original 7 group members were gone. I watched until the 5th episode in the hopes that it would change back to being funny, unfortunately it didn't for me so I dropped  it.

I'm not really hoping there's going to be a movie anymore because it might suck too so I'll just stick with the 5 seasons. :)

As for the rating from a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the highest, I give this show a 9. 

Wanna see all the end credits from seasons 1 to 3? Check below. It's still funny to  me even if it's all just the end credits. Lol.

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