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A season is a part of year that covers changes in weather and daylight. They are broken down into 4 different categories, spring, summer , autumn, winter. Seasons are a cycle in which re birth and growth take place in plants, trees & animals


Obviously the best season for all is summer. It has long hot sunny days and the days are generaly longer to. Winter however is short days dark and miserable. But each season carries its own importance in its own ways for us.


Winter officialy starts December 21st- March 20th.
Spring starts March 21st - June 20th.
Summer begins June 21st- September 22nd.
2 factors that have to be considered very carefully is about time changing in certain seasons. Not all but most countries around the world have a system of where they have to change the time system on their clocks.
Come spring time March 21st our times will go 1 hour behind.
Come Autumn time September 23rd the clocks go forward.


The turning of the world makes day and night. In a whole 24 hour the world turns around once, so when we are facing the sun we have day time, and when we are facing away from the sun we have night time.

Our earth travels around the sun in a circle so that is why we get cold/ hot days. This is because as the earth spins around its not actualy straight, but at an angel/ bent. So when its facing the sun we have spring & summer and as the earth moves away from the sun it starts getting colder.

That is why some countries the season time will vary to our seasons. If we have summer some countries will have winter, and if we have winter they will have summer.....

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