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Mostly we realize the importance of some thing, when it is lost. Good health is a great wealth. A sick person cannot enjoy his life even if he is a millionaire. Doctors forbid him to eat and drink certain things. Others are having a large variety of foods and drinks, while he is simply looking at them regretfully.


Here I’ll try to mention a few secrets of good health, and also some advises that can help us to maintain our health. It is commonly said that,


“Prevention is better than cure”


Firstly I would like to say that, we should be traffic conscious. We should be very careful in driving and traveling, so that we don’t lose a limb or become invalid because of a road accident.

Secondly, we should drink clean water and eat wholesome and balanced food. There should be sufficient interval between two meals, so as to allow the stomach to perform its function properly. Spicy and fast foods should also be avoided because they mostly cause stomach disorders. Over eating should be avoided because, it is one of the major reasons of obesity, that can lead to various diseases like pain in backbone and limbs etc.

Thirdly, during the days of epidemic diseases only boiled water should be used and food stuff should be covered so as to avoid flies to sit and spread germs, and dust to settle on it.

Besides this we should regularize our sleeping habit because it’s very necessary for proper functioning of brain.

 It’s a well-known saying that, “Early to bed and early to rise, makes man healthy, wealthy and wise”


“Cleanliness” says the proverb “is next to Godliness”. So we can say that cleanliness of body is necessary for physical health. Germs, bacteria and virus breed and multiply in dirt and darkness, standing water and marshy lands. Flies, cockroaches, mosquitoes, bugs, ants and other insects must be destroyed through a periodic spray of insecticides. In the same way rats should also be destroyed. The house should be white-washed annually and the doors and windows be painted. There should be proper arrangement of draining out the dirty water and disposal of dirt. No one can keep healthy who does not keep clean. Not only the regular washing of hands and face with water and soap, but the frequent and thorough bathing of the whole body, and wearing of clean clothes are necessary for good health. Besides this teeth should be brushed twice a day.


For keeping good health, we should observe the following rules also. We should go out to park or an open place for a morning walk before the sunrise. Jogging and light exercise is also very advantageous for good health, because whenever we exercise, the blood pressure of body increases which results in increase of blood flow to the brain that is very advantageous for its proper functioning. We should also play some games regularly to keep ourselves physically and mentally sound.


“Sound mind is in a sound body” said the Aristotle.


After taking exercise rest is also a must.


Besides periodical general medical check-up, bi-annual visit to the dentist, urine test, stool test and E.C.G, are very helpful. Another deadly enemy of man is tension. Life in this world is not a bead of roses. We don’t get anything that we cherish.


Guru Nanak said, “There is no one in this world that has no worries”


There is a consensus of opinion of the modern doctors that seventy percent (70%) diseases are caused by tension. Stomach ulcers, heart trouble, brain hemorrhage, nervous break down, and asthma are only some of them. The best way to avoid tension and worries is to be cheerful and pray to God regularly. It will solace the heart.


Last of all we should avoid narcotics. Alcohol, opium, tobacco, heroin, hashish and cocaine are generally used for intoxication. Persons using narcotics want to escape the realities of life. Narcotics damage the health, the only way to escape them is to take things lightly and pray to God and go out in search of a man who is happy.


And in case of any symptoms like pain, temperature, high or low blood pressure and nausea etc we should must consult a qualified doctor and act upon his advice properly. Proper and regular treatment should be done.


We can say that if these rules are followed, we can live a longer and healthier life like most of the people of advanced countries. Their average life span is seventy (70) and the reason is that they are fully aware of these secrets of good health.


                                                                               Written By: Syed Faiz Mujtaba

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Name Syed Faiz. Born 5 March 1996 in Haripur Pakistan. Work at Film-Annex and student.

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