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Today's my topic is ''Sectarianism'' Sectarianism comes from ''sectarian'' which in its turn, comes from ''sect'' .

''Sectarian''. then means concerning or about a sect . A sect is a party or group within a religious body. We can see for ourselves how the people , mainly Muslims, in the country are divided  in many sect, such as shia, sunni,Ahle hadees, Ahle sunnat wal jamat,diobbundi and etc.

It has right been said that Pakistan is a multi culture state.Historically .until the 1970s, the sunnis and shias . despite their differences , violently opposed the Qadianis . The Qadianis sect was very small or negligible when it was declared non-Muslim in 1974 by the act of Parliament.

A series of disturbances , killing, and terrorist acts, based upon these differences were witnessed in Lahore, Jhang,Islamabad, and many places in the country.

The greatest cause of the sectarian conflicts is the general illiteracy and backwardness of our people

The Afghanistan situation directly or indirectly contributed to the ugly sectarian situation.

The solution to the sectarian situation in Pakistan lies in the removal of the main cause for it. For this purpose, education of the masses on the right lines is the first essential .

Give equal rights to every people of Pakistan. We work united for the betterment of Pakistan.Avoid the word sect.

In the country we are one nation.

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